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Altman Lighting

altman-boothAltman – This year’s Altman booth was built around their core LED products.

Spectra Cycs and Chalice units provided wash and down light accents. New to the booth this year were a few notable products which include the Altman PHX1 150w, the Pegasus, and the recently released Gallery series fixtures.

imagephxprofileThe Altman PHX1 150w is the convection cooled version of the PHX2 250w. For those environments where fan noise is a deal breaker, the PHX1 150w solves this issue. The unit is available in all the same configurations as the PHX2 (RGBA, RGBW, 3k, 5k, 3k/5k variable) and with the same options for 5, 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50 degree barrels. The light output is comparable to slightly less than a HPL575 source.

Speaking of the HPL lamp, did you know you can convert many of your older Altman fixtures including the 65Q to an HPL source? If you have Altman fixtures that you would like to change over to HPL lamps, contact your Barbizon sales person to check if there is a retrofit kit available for your fixture.

For those who missed the Pegasus Fresnel last year, it was on display again this year. The Pegasus is a truly versatile fixture with its 15-85 degree zoom and ability to function as either a mains dim or DMX dim unit. The Pegasus is available in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 5000k. The 6” and 8” will take the standard 6” and 8” Fresnel accessories including barn doors and top hats that may already be in your stock.

alt-galleryFinally, the newest fixture to the booth was the new Gallery series. Available in a profile, beam wash or flood option and the standard variations of color temperatures. The profile units come in either a 15-35 degree or 25-50 degree zoom. The Gallery series provides a sleeker looking fixture for those museum or upscale architectural projects. Dimming options include mains dim, DMX/RDM, 0-10v or DALI. The Gallery series can be used along with Altman’s Smart Track or in a portable, pendant or surface mount set up.

Alzo Video

The ALZO Smoothy Radius and Linear Camera Slider is an excellent tool for interview and B-Roll video, adding talent-stationary camera motion; it is also very useful for 'A' camera in commercial product presentations. The slider has a 40 inch run and can replace time-consuming track and dolly for many shots. This slider easily converts from curved radius to linear sliding by simply changing the track attachment to the base beam. Constructed from a lightweight, yet rigid aluminum track that mounts to a base beam with thumb screws in either curved or straight while stainless steel nylon wrapped bearings assure an ultra-smooth action and very long life. The slider camera bed allows for 1/4 inch x 20 or 3/8 inch x 16 thread mounting of camera quick releases plates; with the exception of the basic model, a camera quick release is included. For best results, they recommend using a Pro video tripod with a load capacity over 5 pounds, like the ALZO Pro-Pod V. Another support option is to use 2 light stands screwed into the ends of the slider, which is the most stable slider mount. For the ultimate lightweight and rigid camera sliding, we recommend adding the ALZO Camera Slider Brace Support to a tripod. The slider can also be placed on a table or any flat surface by adding the ALZO Slider Table Leg Set accessory (see image); this is a stable solution, but height adjustment is more difficult. The load capacity for the Smoothy Slider is up to 3 pounds of camera weight. The center tripod mount includes 1/4 inch x 20 and 3/8 inch x 16 threaded mounting holes. In addition, the base beam ends include 1/4 inch x 20 and 3/8 inch x 16 threaded mounting holes on the bottom. These mounting holes allow for attaching the ALZO Camera Slider Brace Support.

American DJ

In the world of American DJ its business as usual, bringing small inexpensive “flash” fixtures to the independent DJ’s and small production company’s of the world. Amidst the strobes and lasers we found two fixtures that could add some good looks to any DJ’s lighting rig. First is the Event Bar DMX which is nothing more than four LED pin spots mounted on a DMX control bar that gives you 17 channels of control over the spots, everything from strobe effects to full dimming of individual lights. I was more impressed by how bright the small pin spots were than anything else, the 4x3W LED pins definitely cut through everything else happening in the booth to create very well defined beams that can add that professional feel to light show.

The second fixture is a LED flat par; it’s a small light weight fixture that has decent light output with a price tag of under $200. The best part of the fixture is that it contains Tri LED’s which eliminates the fruit salad look and gives you even color washes when used for up lighting. A Tri LED fixture with decent output at such a low cost can be a good seller in the production company market.

American DJ

American DJ always has a lot of new products at LDI, but something pretty interesting of note is their new WiFly series. What's intriguing about this line is that is is all battery operated, and has on board wireless DMX transceivers. According to AMDJ all will be available end of December 2012.

WiFLYbar qa5

  • Battery Powered .5 Meter Bar With Wireless DMX

  • Ultra bright .5 meter LED Bar 5x 5-Watt QUAD LEDs

  • (4-in-1 RGBA- Red, Green, Blue & Amber)

  • Rechargeable Lithium battery powered

  • American DJ’s WiFly™ Transceiver Wireless DMX onboard

  • 25° beam angle

  • Power Draw: 28W

WiFLYd6 branch

  • 6-Way DMX Splitter/Amplifer with WiFLY Wireless DMX

  • 1x DMX In, 6x DMX Out & 1 DMX Thru (all 3-pin XLR’s)

  • Clamp mount bracket included

  • American DJ’s WiFly™ Transceiver Wireless DMX onboard

WiFLYpar qa5

  • Battery Powered Flat Par With Wireless DMX

  • Ultra bright slim fixture with 5x5-Watt QUAD LEDs (4-in-1RGBA- Red, Green, Blue & Amber)

  • Rechargeable Lithium battery powered

  • American DJ’s WiFly™ Transceiver Wireless DMX onboard

  • 25° beam angle

  • Power Draw: 55W

WiFLYrgbw 4c

  • 4-Channel LED Controller for WiFLY Wireless DMX Products

  • Compact DMX-512 controller for RGB, RGBW and RGBA LED fixtures with American DJ’s WiFly™ Transceiver Wireless

  • DMX onboard

  • Control up to 8 individual fixtures or fixture groups

  • 3 user programmable color preset, direct access buttons

  • 9 Color preset/Chase program direct access buttons

WiFLY Transceiver

  • Wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver In One)

  • Up to 500 wireless feet (open line of sight)

  • Auto sense mode to pick up frequency from other WiFLY Transceivers

  • Dip Switches to assign different frequencies

  • 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out

  • 1 DMX-512 Universe

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