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Alcorn McBride

This year’s NAB show saw Alcorn McBride rolling out upgrades to their SetPlayer line.

The new MediaFlow simple encoding software is preconfigured to produce video 100% compatible with Alcorn McBride products. It steps you through the process and quickly readies your content for use. After your material is encoded, MediaFlow’s built-in FTP capability can automatically transfer files to your device (SP1000). It accepts all of the major video formats and outputs H. 264 or MPEG2 video (MPEG or AAC audio). MediaFlow supports PAL and NTSC.

Visit to learn more.

Alcorn McBride

AV-binloopHD_ObliqueThere were no lighting products in the Alcorn McBride booth at NAB this year. They were, however, showcasing their new Binloop Video Playback which has been upgraded with two channels of 4K video or 8 channels of full HD.

The A/V Binloop HD provides up to 8 HD channels (or 2 UltraHD) of synchronous or asynchronous video and 16 tracks of 16-bit audio in a small form factor. It can be used as an A/V source for one show or for an entire building. It can playback MPEG2 or MPEG-4/h.264 video at bitrates up to 40 Mb per second and at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.

The A/V Binloop HD is perfect for video wall applications. Unlike most commercial video devices, the A/V Binloop HD provides a full HD video source to each screen. This eliminates the loss of quality due to stretching commonly seen in traditional video wall controllers. For large applications, it's easy to sync multiple units and the content can be managed via Ethernet.

Alcorn McBride

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Alcorn AMI:OAlcorn provides a wide range of audio, video storage, and a wide-range of controls to trigger media or other show control elements. At NAB they showed the AMI/IO that is an easy way to connect large amounts of field I/O with a single Ethernet cable.

Available in multiple configurations, AMI/O is a flexible option for quickly adding inputs and outputs. AMI/O is a distributed I/O solution allowing you to connect large amounts of field I/O with a single Ethernet cable. The great part is that Alcon's Pro Series line of controllers treat remote AMI/O just like local I/O for seamless system integration. AMI/O has a sleek form factor and is DIN-rail mountable. With spring-loaded terminals, wiring is easy and secure.

This tool makes control of themed-environment a lot easier bacause they can all be landed in one place and sent back to the main system.

Alcorn McBride

Alcorn McBride Ride PlayerAlcorn McBride is a world leader in audio, video, lighting and show control products for themed entertainment.

New to their Show Control lineup is the RidePlayer. The RidePlayer provides a solution to many of the multi-control challenges of vehicle-based show control attractions. The RidePlayer offers the ability to precisely synchronize onboard audio with wayside audio, video, lighting, animatronics and other show control necessities. Alcorn McBride uses a state of the art synchronization system that uses several methods, including GPS, SMPTE, Video Genlock, IEEE-1588 and others, to maintain a lock between onboard and wayside systems.

The primary purpose of the RidePlayer is to provide high-quality audio playback so it offers up to 16 outputs of 24-bit 96kHz audio with the ability to route, mix and crossfade tracks.

The RidePlayer will be available in the 2nd Quarter of 2017.


Altman is pleased to offer a new Ellipsoidal called the Phoenix. This line will eventually take the place of the Shakespeare line of ellipsoidal. It is compatible with a GLA, or HPL 375, 575 or 750 watt lamp. You choose lamp type when ordering. It also has a 360 degree rotating barrel, locking shutters and gobo, tool-free interchangeable lens barrels. Barrels will be available in 5, 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50. The 5 and 10 degree barrel will not be available at first release, which is 1 qtr 2012, but Shakespeare barrels will work in the fixture. It has very little light leak and also accepts a Sea Changer. The fixture ships with color frame and c-clamp.

Altman also showed the Spectra Strip. This is a low profile LED strip light. Available in 2’ / 200W, 4’ / 400W and 6’ / 600W models. There are 4 light cells in the 2’model, 8 cells in the 4’ and 12 cells in the 6’. Each cell is a 50w RGBA color mixing or 3000K high CRI White light LED engine. The strip can be customized to any combination of RGB or white light cells you would like. Each cell can be individually filtered, lensed or diffused using the filter slots provided. It has Powercon and DMX in and through. It can be pipe mounted and floor mounted and can be considered an LED replacement for traditional theatrical strip lights, cyc lights or border lights.

Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting used this year’s LDI to show products that build not only on the success of recent years, but also on the long history of the company. Altman has entered the theatrical LED world with both feet, enjoying great success with their Spectra-Par and Spectra-Cyc fixtures. This year’s booth showed off the lighter and smaller Spectra Star Par, as well as an outdoor entry into the cyc light market, the Outdoor Spectra Cyc. But the real meat of development in the Altman booth was tucked away at the bottom of the cyc – the Spectra Strip. Built on the form factor of the venerable mini-strip, the Spectra-Strip offers multiple options in lighting the bottom of a cyclorama. The unit is available in RGBA,RGBAW, or in variations by individual cell. For example, in a 3-cell unit, you could have two cells of RGBA with on cell of all-white LEDs, allowing for more careful modeling of certain colors. You could have one cell of color with two cells of white for orchestra downlights. You could have three cells of white light and just add gel like you’ve always done. The folks at Altman haven’t locked users into any one way of lighting with this instrument, they’ve just added flexibility and efficiency to the fixtures people are accustomed to working with already.

Also seen on the standwas the The SPECTRA UV 30.This isa 30 Watt UV luminaire utilizing high performanceand long life UV-A emitters. The Spectra UV 30 is designed with three LED cells on three independent DMX channel’’s for intensity control. The LED cells can be individually focused and the interchangeable yoke allows for vertical or horizontal alignment of the LED cells. An on board multi-voltage power supply allows for direct power & data connection as well as feed thru capabilities. The SPECTRA UV 30 is compatible with both DMX & RDM protocols and comes complete with a library of pre- programmed fades, strobes as well as manual intensity controls. Shows and addressing are accessed via the push button display.[gallery]

Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting introduced a 50W and 200W cyc to their full Spectra Cyc range, as well as a recessed version of the Chalice house light. Both units are available in 4 standard configurations: RGBA, RGBW, 3000K, 3000K-6000K tunable white.

Also in the booth were the new LED Spectra Cubes, which are a 50W wall wash luminaire utilizing red, green, blue and amber or white LED emitters. Designed for use on 4’ centers, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. All models have a double yoke for floor use or can be hung via a C-clamp or track mount applications.

The Chalice house lights are controlled via DMX or can plug straight into your current dimming system with its phase control option. It has around 40 3W LEDs making its light output equivalent of a 575W fixture.

Altman Lighting

Altman-LED-PhoenixWinner of the PLASA 2013 member's choice award for best equipment, Altman Lighting's Phoenix LED is a 250w LED sourced profile spot fixture designed for long throw theatrical, architectural, house of worship and film/TV applications.

The Phoenix LED profile spot is available in 3000k white, RGBA, RGBW and 5600k white array options for maximum design flexibility. At only 250w this energy efficient fixture is designed to replace your standard 750w incandescent source seamlessly with no bench focusing required.

Phoenix LED is available in various lens options including 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° with your choice of a 19°, 26°, 36° or 50° lens barrel included with the fixture standard along with c-clamp, safety cable and color frame at no additional cost. Like its incandescent counterpart the Altman Phoenix LED profile spot features locking shutters, a fully enclosed accessory holder and a 360° rotating barrel for those difficult to achieve focus angles.

Phoenix LED offers both powerCON in/out feed thru as well as DMX in/out. The fixture further uses an autosensing 100-240v 50/60 Hz power supply suitable for global use and features bidirectional RDM communication.

Altman Lighting

SSCYC400-RGBA-smAltman unveiled their new Spectra Cyc 400 - a 4' cyclorama wall wash luminaire available in RGBA, RGBW, warm white, cool white, variable white and custom LED arrays options. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, the Spectra Cyc 400 blends colors via a patented LED blended lens which reduces pixilation from direct view. The on board power supply allows for direct power & data input which can be daisy chained and the fixture features an on board in rush current limiter as standard. Designed for use on 12-16 foot centers maximum and a height of 46’+, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The Spectra Cyc 400 is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols, and comes complete with a library of pre-programmed single colors to various color mixes. Units are made for floor or Sky-Cyc applications.

LED-R40Also a new R40 with LED lamps from GE shipped with lamps installed. Hinged gel frame options on top and bottom.


Altman LED WorkliteA handy fixture for those worklights you always seem to be changing lamps for is the Altman LED worklight. The 3000k, 130w single point source provides 10,000 lumens and offers a true tungsten look and feel. The Work Light comes with a metal filter frame for use with diffusion and color filters. The Altman worklight functions as an on/off only fixture for ease of use and offers yoke mounting making it an easy retrofit solution.

While not at the show but something to keep in mind is the Altman recessed Chalice houselight which comes in a 50W or 100W LED version designed for permanent installation and energy savings. Changing lamps in your fixtures has now become a thing of the past. Integration the fixture into an existing control system is easy with the simple three-button DMX addressing that is easily accessible from the bottom of the fixture: set it once and enjoy a smoothly integrated and energy efficient illumination solution for your area of choice.

recessed-chalice-iso-smThe fixture is able to be controlled by your entertainment console, architectural control system or both; also available as a mains dimmable fixture for those facilities being built without a DMX control system, or for easy retrofit to a current installation for energy savings.

Altman Lighting

Altman PegasusThe Pegasus 6 and Pegasus 8 Fresnels are 6” and 8" white output LED Fresnels that are both Mains Dimmable and DMX controlled all in one luminaire. Pegasus replicates the soft light output that is expected from a Theatrical or Studio Fresnel. Under 150 Watts, the Pegasus 6 surpasses the output of its 500 watt incandescent counterpart, and the Pegasus 8 meets the output of its 750 watt incandescent counterpart. The Pegasus line also won a Plasa Member's Choice award this year too!

Altman chalice-150-downlightDesigned specifically for the demands of theaters, churches and public venues, the Chalice 150 down light is a 145W White LED pendant fixture that addresses and alleviates the typical maintenance routines of changing lamps and ballasts in difficult-to-access locations. The Chalice 150 uses a single-point source for optimal beam control, and offers a variety of reflector options for ceiling heights from 15 to 50 feet. Its powerful output blends to seamless coverage in the most elegant setting. Extremely smooth dimming reproduces the comfortable feel of traditional incandescent sources, at a fraction of the power consumption. DMX control allows each fixture to be controlled independently or in groups, from an architectural control system and/or directly from a theatrical control console.

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