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AC Lighting

Chroma-Q® Studio Force V PhosphorAC Lighting introduced the new Chroma-Q® Studio Force V Phosphor™ is a 3,200 - 5,600K CCT, variable white fixture which utilizes innovative LED technologies found in the Studio Force™ range to provide an equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture - up to 4,200 lumens - developed specifically for use in TV, film and broadcast studio environments. Other features include fine-tuning of the green & magenta tints and frequency for camera, an extremely smooth uniform wash, extra soft beam, theatrical grade dimming and laboratory calibration to match Black Body Locus. Designed for practicality, the unit is equipped with a manual control mode, color touch screen interface, is fanless, studio & full modes for maximum control of the units and a range of optional accessories.

AC Lighting - Chroma Q

AC Lighting showed the new Chroma-Q Studio Force II range of fixtures. These fixtures represent an evolution of the Chroma-Q Studio Force fixtures by incorporation the homogenized optics from the Chroma-Q Color Force II series of fixtures with a new LED package. The fixtures utilize Chroma-Q’s proprietary ColorSure system to ensure fixtures within the same product range provide consistent output regardless of when they are manufactured. This process involves a complex range of processes for selecting (binning) individual LED emitters; calibrating LED light engines in-house to a uniform standard and sophisticated firmware and software ensures exceptional fixture to fixture consistency.

Available in 1, 4, and 6-foot lengths the fixtures provide variable white light output from 2,800-6500K with +2/-2 green adjustment and a CRI of up to 94. Output is 6,500; 2400; and 3600 lumens respectively. The red, green, blue, and white emitters which make up the LED array can also be controlled individually to provide colored light for scene setting or effects. All of the lengths have a native beam angle of 22 degrees which can be modified to 43 degrees with the optional border lens and to an 80 degree by 35-degree asymmetrical beam with the optional cyc optic.

The fixtures offer onboard control via a rear-mounted touch screen as well as remote control via DMX/ RDM and wireless control using optional LumenRadio. When controlled via DMX, a control channel enables switching between the variable white and color modes without needing to access the fixture. The fixtures can also be sub-divided to allow different sections of the overall fixture to be controlled separately and the design of the housing and mounting is such that fixtures can be lined up end to end with no gap for a continuous appearance. The compact form factor (less than 7.5” x 9” square in height and depth) will make these fixtures are a good choice for spaces with low trims and their comparatively narrow beam angle will allow for a relatively longer throw than other variable white/ color mixing fixtures.

Acclaim Lighting

ART IOAcclaim Lighting exhibited their new ART IO digital analog expansion module. Equipped with 8 digital/analog switchable inputs and 8 relay-switched digital outputs, the design offers versatility and supports several different protocols, including, DMX, RS-232, OSC, UDP and Art-Net.

ALQ BarAlso at the booth was the ALQ Bar, a high power graze and wash fixture. The ALQ Bar has 10W Cree quad color LEDs and is IP-65 rated, so it can be used in wet locations. This fixture can accepts optional LSF filters to modify the beam angle.

Acclaim Lighting

Acclaim Lighting had a selection of new products that they showed at LDI 2015. They had their new Dyna Fixtures, additions to the Graze line, and some new Flex line products for display.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.59.24 PMDyna Flood XT

  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood light 75 Watt source

  • Adjustable head with internal line voltage dimmable LED driver

  • Single color or Quad color LED chips

  • 60-100’ throw distance depending on color

  • Available beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees

Dyna Drum SO

  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood Par fixture with 145 Watt source

  • Adjustable yoke with DMX control in 4, 2, and 1 channel modes

  • Beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees

  • 200’ throw distance in color, 250’ in white

Dyna Graze DC linear LED fixture

  • IP66 rated 24VDC fixture

  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K options with up to 419 Lumens per foot

  • 1’ and 4’ versions with a max of 12’ of fixture in a series

  • 1’ features 12 Watts of power consumption and 4’ features 48 watts

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.55.38 PMFlex Tube SE (side emitting)

  • IP68 rated 32’ spool of tube with 24VDC power at 106 Watts at 32’

  • 160 degree beam angle with 171 Lumens per foot

  • 1 channel of DMX per spool

  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Red, Green, and Blue outputs

Acclaim Lighting

Acclaim Lighting expanded its Flex Tube line with the new Flex Tube Pixel. This flexible, direct view LED strip features RGB control of every 4.9” (125mm) section. It comes with a 10M spool that can be cut to length to suit project requirements and features a highly durable PVC body which is outdoor and impact rated.

Acclaim Lighting’s Aqua Drum is a series of high output, submersible LED flood fixtures with an IP68 rating. It features an all stainless steel construction, included in-grade housing mounting option, and is submersible up to 20 ft (6M). Available in multiple color temperatures of white and color changing versions, it is ideal for outdoor fa├žade wash, fountains, ponds, and landscape applications.

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