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A.C. Lighting

On display was the new multi-purpose Studio Force LED variable white (V) and daylight (D) fixture range for film and television. Units are available in 1’, 4’, and 6’ configurations. Optional accessories include spread lenses, light bank, egg crates, barn doors louver, top hat and barn doors. The Chroma Q Studio Force fixture was also shown with a prototype polycarbonate phosphor panel, providing additional output and the ability to easily change between tungsten and daylight color temperature.

A.C. Lighting also had on display the popular Color Force range of RGBA fixtures. Like the Studio Force, units are available in 1’, 4’, and 6’ configurations. Known for their rich colors and good lumen output, these fixtures are popular as a cyclorama light in broadcast applications.

A.C. Lighting

AC-StudioforceA.C. Lighting, Inc. brought new fixtures from the popular Chroma-Q line. The Color Force RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) line of fixtures has been a staple of theatrical and broadcast set lighting but they have now added the Studio Force line. This line offers fixed Tungsten and Daylight options as well as 3,000K to 6,100K variable color temperature and remote phosphor fixtures. The remote phosphor fixtures are intended to be used as softlights and will be available in three models. As might be expected, there will be 3,200K Tungsten and 5,600K Daylight models. Most exciting is the Variable White fixture. Combining a 3,200K to 5,600K range with a remote phosphor panel for a soft, smooth field the fixture also adds the ability to adjust for green and magenta tints with its unique population of 6 each Red, Green, Amber and 12 Blue LEDs to provide a CRI of up to 91.

A.C. Lighting

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Chroma Q Studio OneThe North American division of A.C. Lighting was presenting a variable white fixture in the same form factor as their Chroma-Q “Color One”, aptly named the “Studio One”.

Same rugged casing and same lens assembly as the Color One, but in a variable white version from 3200-5600K. Fits standard 4.25” accessories and can be ordered in black or white as well as in an IP65 rated housing.

A.C. Lighting

chroma-q-space-force-led-spaceAC Lighting was showing the new Chroma Q – Space Force which is a low profile, lightweight LED Soft Light. It is available in daylight, tungsten and variable. The fixture draws 600 watts and outputs up to 26,500 lumens. It is a single source fixture, so no “skittling”. The fixture utilizes the same convection cooling methods found in other Chroma Q fixtures, eliminating fan noise. The Space force features adjustable frequencies to provide flicker free operation. The fixture can be controlled by any DMX controller or by the on board controls. Allowing for control of color, temperature and intensity.

studio-one-100-daylight-whiteAlso in their booth was the new Chroma-Q® Studio One 100™ LED Par designed to deliver the highest quality of white light from an LED based fixture, for the most demanding applications. The Studio One 100 uses core LED technology from the Chroma-Q premium performance lighting range making it a multi-purpose fixture is ideal for a wide range of applications and provides a powerful, creative lighting tool. This fixture is also available as a RGBA version.

A.C. Lighting

AC Lighting has also recently acquired the ProLights line, making this Italian based line available in the US. A few highlights from this line include the JETSPOT3, the PIXIEWASH and the PIXIESPOT.

The JETSPOT3 is a High Output 240W LED Spot. It boasts a fixed 20-degree beam angle and a 7000k White LED source. Complete with 2 color wheels, a rotating and static gobo wheel, prism, linear frost, iris, focus and onboard RDM and DMX, it’s sure to be a contender in the US market.

In terms of fixtures and on a smaller scale, there is the PIXIE SPOT and PIXIEWASH. The PIXIESPOT is equipped with a 60W RGBW/FC LED light source. It also offers wireless control through a USB Wi-Fi receiver in combination with Wifibox and the smartphone App SmartColor. With a single gobo wheel with 7 rotating gobos and an effect section equipped with 3f circular prism, this is ideal for a variety of venues.

The PIXIEWASH is a compact LED wash beam with a 6 – 45 degree zoom. With its single 60W LED and it’s small form factor and near silent cooling, it is ideal for low ceiling or noise-sensitive environments.

Chroma-Q’s hot new product is the new Inspire XT RGBW House Light.

Delivering up to 9500 lumens and including all of the features of the Inspire and Inspire Mini with twice the output, it is ideal for situations that require the same high quality white and colored lighting with even more output. In addition, it uses some of the innovative core technologies found in other award-winning Chroma-Q products. With fully homogenized color mixing and choice of three different beam spreads (32, 42, and 65), the Inspire XT provides an excellent selection of stunning mixed colors and true whites. It also features energy-efficient LEDs and onboard DMX with theatrical grade dimming.

A.C. Lighting - Chroma Q

AC Lighting's next generation of the Chroma-Q Color One is the Color One 100X. This LED par features the same innovative homogenized beam as the Color One 100 but with a much brighter beam. Nearly 60% more output. The optics produce a smooth, powerful 19 degree beam and color blending with no separation shadow. RGBA allows for deep colors across the entire spectrum. The Color One 100X is convection cooled, meaning no noisy fans. It boasts a CRI of 93 and is available in IP20 and IP65 versions.

Aadyn Tech

Eco SpaceAadyn had two new fixtures to add to their domestically-made LED lighting Line.

The new ECO Space LED Light features 20 LED and measures 52 Foot Candles at 25'. The CRI rating of 95+ is the only LED fixture available on the market today. Super bright and high quality light in one solution. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord.

JAB Hurricane LED is The JAB Hurricane is weatherproof, IP65 Rated, totally protected against dust and protected against low pressure water jets. It emits 1,771 fc @ 10 feet; all while consuming only 1.77 amps of AC power, 187 watts, or 30v DC battery power! The JAB series is available in three other models: Daylight, Tungsten, and Variable to fit your creative needs without sacrificing output and color-temperature. AadynTech has developed engineered & assembled these color-corrected, single-source LED white lights right here in the USA.

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