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AVO-ARENAAvolites' family of consoles, dimmers and networking products were showcased hosted by Group One Ltd. Avolites Media also had a seperate booth showing Ai range of media servers which work intuitively with the entire Avolites family of products for "Total Visual Control" of your production.

The Avolites' Arena console with Optical Titan Net Switch, both of which are now shipping with new software version 9.1, features enhanced pixel mapping functionality, a fully custom Key Frame Shape engine, and fully featured theatre functionality.

Avolites Ai Infinity EX8Avolites Ai Infinity server is the perfect choice for yourmost demanding video projects.The EX4 and EX8 have programmable,EDID managed, WUXGA (1920x1200) outputs. Each is digitallyamplified to give you a preview and production output over DVI.The back panel is full of I/O connectors, including LTC timecodeinput, 2 x 1000bt Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks,MIDI in & out ports, 4 lines of DMX512, Audio I/O, Genlock -essential for TV projects, and 2 x sync network connections toguarantee vertical sync across multiple systems.The front 7 inch color touch screen shows the Ai 3D visualizer, thisgives you networked control of your whole show from one integratedand intuitive interface, no matter how many outputs you need.

There is also an auto-blending function that can be done with a USB webcam -

Avolites Ai Software KeyBut you don't need to buy the box to have a powerful media server Ai's cross platform software licenses now available! The cost effective access to the power of the Ai Media Server. Use an Ai unlock key to run Ai on your PC/Mac laptop, enabling creation, design and full 3D visualization of your project while on the move or in the hotel. The Ai unlock key also allows output of HD video enabling you to run shows and presentations directly from your laptop. Alternatively, run Ai on a full, self-provided server and benefit from multiple HD outputs at minimal costs.

All Ai licences offer:

  • True 3D project visualization.

  • Integral 3D modelling features.

  • Fully featured timeline control.

  • Intuitive LED mapping.

  • CITP compatibility with Avolites, MA and HOG 4.

  • Easy and intuitive video clip selection using thumbnail graphics on your lighting console.

  • Lighting console control from Avolites, MA, HOG and others.

  • Ai control using industry standard 40 channel ArtNet protocol

  • 60 more features available as and when you need them.


Avolites AI V10Avo's new Ai Version 10 for their flagship Infinity media server was on display and boasts an array of all new visual effects allowing video designers to directly apply the same vibrantly colorful and dynamic treatments onto their own live camera inputs.

A further new feature of Ai v10 is BPM Sync, born from developing the custom integrated control system for the lighting and visuals at JEWEL Nightclub. The in-house Avolites consoles trigger effects in perfect synchronization with the beat - a feature commissioned by Hakkasan's Director of Video Production Ed Shaw and Vice President of Entertainment James Algate. BPM sync allows users to assign a number of beats to a video clip to create their own immersive audiovisual experience.

The software update will also offer a new projection mapping tool, MeshWarp - a combination of Projective Keystone and Grid Warp - which will enable users to quickly warp their content to match the projection surface. This in addition to automap and auto blend puts a powerful array of mapping tools in the hands of every user. Timeline is a major addition for Ai v10, providing precise control of video in a timecode environment, whilst still allowing live control simultaneously.

Avolites Tital V10Also being shown were the powerful features of the Titan v10 software upgrade that is now available to download for free onto all consoles from the Tiger Touch Pro (inclusive) onwards. Some older consoles may be compatible with v10 if an upgrade kit is fitted; if you are unsure please contact Barbizon or Avolites. Titan v10 is the result of a year of research and development by a dedicated team of Avolites developers, enhancing the best-loved features of Titan v9 and introducing a wealth of new ones. Many of the new features have been created in response to user and industry feedback.

Titan v10 is the result of a year of research and development by a dedicated team of Avolites developers, enhancing the best-loved features of Titan v9 and introducing a wealth of new ones. Many of the new features have been created in response to user and industry feedback.

Titan v10 also allows the user to view intensity values in one place via the Intensity Grid. This clearly shows levels, source of information, whether increasing or decreasing and tracking information. Also added the set legend Halo, which allows the user to add color borders around fixtures and groups, enabling view fixtures much more easily within the console screen. You can also easily identify which group they belong to.

Another feature is Freeform Workspaces - no longer restricted to just four workspaces per screen, pick any position and size for your windows in seconds and store them to your workspaces for quick access to the information you need.

Titan v10 now offers a very useful UNDO feature, offering a 20 step back history, in addition to a new REDO history, too. Allowing you to massively speed up programming, the user can undo almost any action on the console including delete, merge, move and loads more. View history in the new undo window, and click any point to undo back to that action.

There are also extra directions including random for the hugely popular Key Frame Shapes feature, offering many more looks. Key Frame Shapes allows you to create spectacular effects from scratch. Using palettes or the programmer to define the frames, and powerful tools such as transition curves, phase and spatial direction, it is possible to create radically different looks for each channel in seconds.

And Avolites' Pixel Mapper gets even more powerful with the new Motion Blur effect, which creates trails that follow the element. Users can also now use the faders in Live Shape Editing, to alter the shape with incredible ease.

Titan v10 includes the much-used Multi-User Networking feature, allowing you to connect multiple consoles together to work collaboratively on the same show. A show can have multiple users, each with their own User Settings, Handle Worlds and Selected Key Profiles. When set to Multi-User, consoles can also still be used as backups.


Avolites was at LDI with updated software for their line of control desks and media servers.

Updated for 2017 the entire range of the TITAN console line was on display.

SAPPHIRE TOUCH- The flagship console of the Avolites line is a high-performance console with more submasters, flash and executor buttons, and power to control the large shows than ever before. 45 motorized touch-sensitive playbacks, 15.6” touch screens for programming, 8 physical DMX and up to 16 over ArtNet or streaming ACN and a built-in battery back up make this desk ready for the road. Should you really need it you can also connect to Titian Network processors for up to 64 universes of DMX. Remember when we all used to think that was crazy? For additional live control, you can connect up to 2 Sapphire Touch wings to each sapphire Touch. There is an expandable fixture library for up to 14,000 devices, there are 20 programmable macro buttons, and MIDI in and through. The Screen is also articulating, it’s just a small touch that makes it a very adjustable console.

The ARENA desk is uniquely suited for festival applications but just as at home in other music venues and theatres. This console has a brand new optical output for enabling fiber connections directly to the console, eliminating signal loss over the long runs to FOH, essential for low latencies in large outdoor venues. The Arena has a main display and a touch screen for extra workspace, there are also 6 LCD display screens with legends for the 30 faders for easy labeling. This desk also has a built-in UPS and can be used in a master, backup situation, or allowing for multiple programmers to work simultaneously before the mail console takes charge.

Think of this console as a Tiger Touch II with a wing. It does have more bells and whistles but on the surface it is basically the same.

Tiger Touch II- One of the best thing about the Titan line of consoles is that no matter which console you are using you have access to the same software. The Tiger Touch II has the same great features, 4 physical DMX universes, with up to 16 over ArtNet or streaming CAN. If you are using Titan Networking you can expand up to 64 universes. I never ever thought we would need that many but I have seen the jobs that do so let’s not pretend they aren’t out there. With 10 playback faders, 20 executor buttons and 3 encoders programming is quite efficient. You can add a Tiger Touch Fader Wing to add to you playback options.

Quartz – Is the mobile version of the Titan software. A compact console that you can put in your brief case and carry with you anywhere you need to go. If you want add a Mobile Wing to add some programming and playback functions.

There is always the Titan 1 the entry-level version. The USB Dongle allows the user to output one line of DMX with the full functionality of AVOLITE Titan software.

Now that most any medium to large show includes some sort of video, media servers have become an integral part of a show. Bring in Avo's AI v10 Media Server- AI is a powerful media server, we all know how important the power of your media server is no matter how good your content. You have to have a program that you can use and will be rock solid. AIv10 of AI has added some great features. There is a fully redesigned timeline. Add tracks for each layer of each screen fixture and dragcontent to the track. Then attribute andcontrol tracks can be added, which are easy but precisely edited all withinthe one interface. Once some layers arecontrolled via the timeline, it’s still possible to perform live with otherlayers simultaneously – great for live music, but also for corporate eventswhere the goalposts can move at any time.

In V10 of AI the designers have worked hard to make the user interface very intuitive and easy to use. Their goal is to address the concerns some user’s regarding the interface. The team at AI have implemented an overhaul of the icons used in the program and will continue to improve the interface.

V10 also bring Projective Keystone, also known as Mesh-Warp. It applies a projective keystone which stops a straight line from warping or curving. This is especially helpful when technicians have little time on site.

NOTCH- is a new way to build and record your effects. Once you have the effect you want, export it as a “Notch Block” and load it in AI. AI will then run the block and send the generation to what layer you select.

NDI (Network Device Interface by New Tek)- Sending a 4k video from machine A to machine B is now a breeze. Use NDI to send video over Ethernet, you can send large amounts of video data quickly and accurately. AI supports 8 inputs of NDI which do not require any additional hardware, as long as something sends NDI then AI V10 can receive it.

Avolites - Group One

Avo-QuartzAvolites had their new desk running in their booth called Quartz which is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with on-board processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen, in our smallest full-featured console. Super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide, the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.

Featuring the same high quality faders and hardware you’ve come to expect from Avolites, the Quartz can go anywhere you can, ideal for life on the road.

Offering full compatibility with Multi user, the Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. Quartz is ready to benefit from multi band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in Titan version 9.

Avolites Media

IAvo MSC1 controllern addition to Avolite Media’s powerful media server engine, they produce a variety of wings that a user can purchase to make controlling their software easier. Wing sizes vary from small portable devices to full console desks.

AI7-Virtual-RenderRecently, they released an updated software patch that provides an enhanced user experience while also significantly upgrading the capabilities of their media servers to include displaying content thru the new high resolution projectors coming out on the market, including ones outputting content in 4k resolution.

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