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Backstage Equipment, Inc.

Backstage TR-06 MINIBackstage has released its new, fully collapsible, Mini Flight Case Cart (TR-06 MINI)!

This all aluminum construction cart features stainless steel hardware and has a 500 lbs. maximum weight rating. It is L35 ¾” x W18 ¼” x H38 ¾” and collapses down to 5 ¾” high and weighs less than 50 lbs. There are individual bags to store and protect the upright poles and the wheels and requires no tools. The Mini Flight has a lifetime warranty and uses most Magliner accessories. And Speaking of accessories, there are tons of ways to customize this cart to your specific needs!


Barco was showing their new RHDM Series High Definition reference monitors. They are now available in both a 17” and 23” version. These units have no fans are 16 x 9 native and have a much better compression ration. Available in the B series supporting standard SD and HD-SDI signal with optional dual line and 3Gb/s HD-SDI and the P Series supporting dual link HD-SDI for post production use.


Barco presented exciting products in the areas of Projectors, Image Processors, and LED Displays.


HDX-W14 - the world's first event projector to combine active three-chip DLP® 3D and both wired/wireless control options in a single unit. This large-event projector features crisp, vivid imagery on any screen thanks to WUXGA resolution and 14,000 lumens light output. A built-in LCD screen enables image preview and quick control through smartphones and tablet computers.

RLM-W8 – featuring superior image quality, 33% less power consumption and 10x quieter operation than its nearest competitors, the RLM-W8 is a three-chip DLP® projector for a single-chip price tag. It features 8,000 lumens, saturated colors, and built-in blending and warping technologies.

DP2K-P – the world's only cinema projector designed for post production, the DP2K-P features superior contrast, brightness uniformity, and expanded color gamut. A special version of Barco's Communicator software enhances accuracy.

Image Processing

FSN with *NEW* remote control panel - the FSN combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching of multiple video and graphics inputs in one common, highly integrated unit. A brand new remote control panel (RCP-120) enables users to remotely route sources to the FSN AUX outputs. The RCP-120 is fully integrated with the FSN system through dedicated setup and configuration menus.

Encore with *NEW* 3G capability – Encore, the industry's leading widescreen presentation system, is further strengthened with the introduction of new models supporting 3G-SDI standards. The new models provide full 1080p HDSDI output signals supporting Barco's new HDX-14 and RLM-W8 projectors. With the same high image quality as DVI, 3G-SDI signals eliminate the need for costly DVI fiber cables. The new 3G-SDI output card is form/fit/function compatible with the original Encore design. Field upgradable kits are available for existing Encore VP and VPx models.

LED Wall and Displays

OL-521 – this LED-lit 50” HD video wall features high image quality and low profile in a rugged, yet elegant package. Providing an excellent viewing experience, the OL-521 delivers the sharpest, most saturated colors in full HD. Barco's Sense6 software automatically ensures consistent, stable color and brightness across the entire display.

C7 – the industry's first truly environmentally friendly display, this 7mm pixel pitch LED display features 2,000 nits of high contrast, superior color reproduction, and calibrated output for indoor displays. Utilizing a fraction of the power consumption of competing products, the C7 is cast in an ultra-thin, fanless enclosure which is easy to install and maintain.


Barco once again made their mark on NAB as a global technology company that designs and develops customized visualization systems to meet the sophisticated needs of today’s broadcast and entertainment industries. Their booth exhibited their wares from robust projectors, monitors, video display walls, digital signage and production/presentation systems. The also offer matrix and presentation switchers to equip professionals with the tools to create the world’s most innovative programming. Whether you’re outfitting a TV studio, post-production facility, or enterprise video system, a Barco can provide a system configured to address your needs.

Barco / High End

New from High End Systems this year was the eagerly anticipated Intellaspot XT-1, a new entry into the field of automated profile spots. The Intellaspot shows a new design mentality from High End, with aggressive stylings far from the smooth look of the old-school Studio Spots we’re accustomed to seeing come out of Texas. The incredibly efficient fixture gets a whopping 20,000 lumens out of an 850-watt source, and is packed with features, including CMY color mixing, variable CTO, dual gobo wheels, frost, strobe and iris. The fixture is available with optional Art-Net built in, as well as a wireless DMX option. It’s a big fixture, tipping the scales at well over 100 lbs., so this is not the light for a 200-seat room. But for bigger venues and tours that are looking for a lot of bang out of not a lot of wattage, the Intellaspot is a solid choice.

Baxter Controls

netport_and_routerThe newest offering from Baxter Controls Inc. is Pocket DMX with DMX NETport. It is a gateway and app that select DMX channel or dimmer. It is intended to be used by electricians who need to call up channels without bothering the board op. It allows 36 channels of control in pages of 6.

The DMXin port allows you to merge Pocket DMX™ NETport control data output with that of an existing source of DMX. This merging of control data allows for use of the device as a wireless remote focus unit or gives you simultaneous control of the same DMX stream by both the console operator and the Pocket DMX™ user.

Baxter Controls

bestboyThe Pocket Console had a great product on display, the Best Boy. This is a Pocket Console built into a water resistant Pelican 1060 Case and comes complete with Pocket Console Playback-8, 9v Battery, 120v P/S and flush mount external DMX and DC ports.

They also showed their Rack Mount-2 DMX unit as well as re-introduced their Wall Mount unit. These two units are similar to the original Pocket Console, except they are designed for permanent installations.

Baxter Controls (BCi)

Baxter ControlsKnown for their small footprint and economical mini-dmx controllers, Baxter had a something new up their sleeves at LDI.

The 24/8 is new toy from BCi. Push of a button on the side allows you to select one of 3 pages of channels AND record up to 8 submasters.

Baxter Controls (BCI)

Rackmount-1-300x54Baxter Controls was presenting the usual line and the product that really caught our eye was their Rack Mount-2 DMX unit. This unit is similar to the original Pocket Console, except it is designed for permanent installations. This unit comes with either flush mount XLR or terminal block DMX outputs, a 120V-9V Power Supply, eight fully patchable manual faders plus eight bump buttons. The dmXact LED Readout allows real-time output in DMX 0-255, DMX 0-100% and binHex 00-FF readout of faders. It also provides 8-Page Patch, this allows eight discreet pages of patch configurations as well as eight fully recordable submasters in the new Playback-8 software. This unit is not just a single scene playback anymore, but a full recording console.

BCI 24-8Rob's (Baxter) 24/Eight™. The NEWEST most versatile Pocket Console® DMXEVER!Comes with One dmx-512 universe patchable to 24 discreet channels accessed in 3 Banks of 8 channels each. Your24/Eight™ has the same 8 recordable Sub-masters as the Playback-8 model. She also works in a straight 24 Channel Mode. So if you need individual 1-24 Channel control or a recordable 8 Sub-master controller, you can have it all.

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