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Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics offered some changes to their LA12-25 and LA16-30 Line Array Towers. Both towers now are able to pack easier and offer a cart for easy transport.

AE also showed off their new Chain Motor Hoist control. This system is so new there was no name, price point or literature available on it. Literally completed and tested days prior, this system uses a touch screen LCD for simple multi-hoist control. Some safety features include sensing of power loss or incorrect power at all hoists connected and not allowing movement of any hoist until issue is resolved. The screen while monochrome, will allow for a red, blue or green background. Buttons and readouts will turn red indicating an error giving the end-user visual reference. Plans are to upgrade to a full color LCD screen.

Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics was showing their wide line of products from dimming and control to truss, roof, lifts and power distro.

Also in their booth this year was Australian company LSC with their Clarity PC/Mac based lighting and media controler. Available in four sizes providing from 1 through to an amazing 128 Universes, Clarity is capable of handling small shows right through to pixel-mapped LED walls on a large scale. The software is highly configurable and easy to use. LSC also offer hardware support products in the form of DMX output devices and control Wings. Three DMX output devices QX1, QX2 and QX4 are available providing 1, 2 and 4 DMX512 outputs respectively. Two control wings VX10 and VX20 are also available and offer playbacks, master control and in the VX20 control buttons and a trackball. All QX and VX devices can be interconnected - so a VX20+ 2 x VX10 + 1 x QX2 can all be used on a single system to provide extra playbacks and increase the number of DMX outputs.

Applied Electronics

Solid and respectable craftsmanship marks new-for-Applied cable testers for Socapex and PowerCon cables, and they had a few along with them at the show.

Applie-Mini-arrayFor outdoor events where small line arrays must be deployed, Applied's Mini Line Array Tower is a good solution. This system features:

  • Modular Design For Fast Assembly

  • Easy Transport

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction

  • Adjustable Leveling Pads

  • Tower Hinged For Easy Loading

  • Integrated Motor Pick Point

  • Works With Many Popular Array Designs

Applied Electronics

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.11.48 AMApplied Electronics had products from a wide range of truss types to lifting towers, roof systems, power distribution, and motors and control.

They also provide products for the worship market that include podiums and crosses.


Aquarii AP AxceleronThis year's LDI was recent start-up Aquarii's first time at the show and they came out swinging. Their Axceleron down-light is designed to be used as a down-light for theatre and entertainment venues, convention centers, arenas, museums, high school gyms & natatoriums.

Perfect for commercial and architectural lighting applications, the Axceleron can also be used inwarehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, dairies, wineries, and airport common areas. It is designed to replace metal halide, and high pressure sodium, incandescent lights. The Axceleron outperforms these conventional fixtures in energy savings and maintenance by up to 70%.

Axceleron can be configured with several lens types to provide the many choices in light distribution. They are can do custom enclosure wraps so the fixtures can stand out or blend into any environment.


ARRI introduced its new Hybrid kits with both LED and Tungsten source lighting fixtures as a contemporary answer to portable lighting. Combining energy-saying efficiency, control and intensity these convenient kits draw less than 490w at 120v. ARRI Hybrid Kits feature the new ARRI LoCaster LED fixture with six selectable color temperature presets and an onboard dimmer. The unique mixing chamber ensures CRI over 90 and a ‘single source’ for impressive shadow quality. Having a LoCaster as part of an ARRI kit allows a shooter to work with both hard and soft light, and the ability to manipulate color temps without having to use gels on the LED source. Hybrid kits also feature ARRIs tungsten Fresnel units with excellent beam-shaping characteristics; ideal for background and backlight.

ARRI is introducing the next generation of 1000Hz High Speed flicker-free Ballasts used for digital high-speed photography. The new ballast is available is several wattages included 125/200w, 400/575w 575/1200w and 250/4000w. The new high speed ballast can now achieve high quality, flicker-free images even at frame rates of 500-1000 fps and in many cases beyond. The new technology supplies the lamp with 100Hz square wave current, allowing worry-free shooting from motion picture, commercial and industrial high-speed scenes even with a single, HMI daylight source.


ARRI L-7 LED Fresnels:

One of the highlights of the NAB show this year was the Arri L-Series LED Fresnels. Available in Tungsten (L7-T 3200K), Daylight (L7-D, 5600K) and L7-C (color tuneable 2700-10000K Green - Magenta Adjustment, Full Gamut Color Mixing) all at a CRI of >90 . These fixtures have a standard 7” Fresnel lens on all models and include a 15 - 50°, continuously focusable beam angle as well as other expected functionality of a conventional Fresnel. Additionally, the L-7’s provide even lighting with good barndoor framing ability, features that have been proven lacking in many previous LED fixtures. The low energy consumption makes them an excellent fit for both studio and location lighting applications. The L7’s draw only 22% of a traditional Fresnel unit’s power: 220W versus the traditional 1000W. These fixtures are also rated for IP54 weather resistance and offer easy maintenance and cleaning. Smooth (0-100%) dimming is accomplished by way of integrated 16 bit (2 channel ) DMX. On board control and upgradeable soft and firmware are great optionsfor a customer looking to make a onetime investment. To satisfy the rigorous sound requirements of modern broadcast studios, the L-Series passive cooling system incorporates no moving parts or fans and is therefore completely silent; it can be used in ambient air temperatures of up to 95° F. An alternative is to select the active cooling system option which uses an extremely quiet (<20 dB) fan and provides a compact and lightweight option for location work in temperatures of up to 122°F The L-7 fixtures list for under $3,000.00 and are available with standard barn door and color filter accessories, as well as 5-pin DMX control.


Building on the strength of the True Blue line Arri has recently introduced the L7 Fresnel and Broadcaster LED Fixtures. The L7 is a 7” Fresnel with a choice of LED engines. L7-T is a 3200K color temperature, L7-D is the 5600K daylight Fresnel and L7-C is a color mixing fixture. All fixtures share single shadow imaging,15 degree to 50 degree zoom range, true shutter cuts with 4-leaf or 8-leaf barndoor, and high color rendering index (92CRI).

The Caster Series features similar high quality LED’s in a small eye light fixture. The Broadcaster provides DMX control over intensity, Color Temperature from 2800K – 6500K, and +/- green tint. The LoCaster has the same features, but is manually controlled via on-board potentiometers. Both are offered with power supply, 2-leaf barndoor, and intensifier.


Arri's two HMI new fixtures feature Arri’s Max Technology Reflector for enhanced output with a smooth field and crisp shadows within the full range of spot-to-flood focus. The M40 uses a 4000 watt HMI lamp and the M18 an 1800 watt HMI lamp. The M18 has the advantage of being able to run off of a 20A 120VAC outlet.

Arri also featured their L7-C color controllable 7” LED Fresnel. Its smooth dimming 0-100% curve and 220W draw rivals a 1kW incandescent with its even field and crisp shadows. Correlated color temperature range from 2800°K to 10,000°K (+/- green) with hue/saturation selectable mode for a broad range of color available in heavy saturation to pastel. The Fresnel adjusts from 15°-50° and features a built-in brake to hold position, is IP54 rated for weather resistance and has full on board control in addition to the standard 5-pin DMX input.


Arri L Series LED FresnelLeading the industry in technical innovation ARRI has released an addition to the popular L-Series range of LED Fresnels: a tuneable tungsten model, the L7-TT.

As color temperature adjustable 2600 K - 3600 K tungsten version of the popular L7-C, the L7-TT (Tuneable Tungsten) is more than 20% brighter than the L7-C (color adjustable) fresnel, while maintaining the same size and weight. It offers the same calibrated color quality and adjustable green-magenta point as the L7-C, and is particularly suited to applications requiring precise color matching to conventional tungsten fixtures or where slight remote adjustments to the color of white light is desired.

L-Series fixtures can reduce electricity usage by more than 75% and further savings are achieved with the extended l life span of the LED light engine, which lasts around 200 times longer than a conventional tungsten lamp. The reduced maintenance and minimized power distribution combine with other cost-saving attributes such as built-in dimming to provide a rapid return on investment for both studio and location applications.

L7 units provide the same light quality and simplicity-of-use as conventional tungsten Fresnels, and can easily be used alongside them. This allows studio facilities to make a gradual transition from older tungsten fixtures to the L-Series, spreading the cost over a longer period without workflow inefficiencies or changes to working practices.

NAB 2013 finds ARRI starting production on the M90, the latest addition to their popular M-Series of advanced HMI lighting units. The M90 introduces a new power class for daylight fixtures at 9,000 W; half the wattage of the ARRIMAX 18/12 and just over double that of the M40/25. With the M18 at the lower end, the M-Series now offers a versatile range of eight wattage options from 1,200 W to 18,000 W.

As with all M-Series lampheads, the M90 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a PAR fixture. The unit is open-faced and very bright; it is also focusable from 16° up to 49°, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. Osram developed a new 9,000 W lamp for the M90, which is stable at 1,000 Hz and almost as small as the 6,000 W lamp that can alternatively be used. This allowed ARRI to design the M90 in a very compact housing, barely larger than the ARRISUN 60.

Accompanying the M90 is a new ballast, the EB 6/9 kW, available in standard and high speed versions. Like other recent ballasts from ARRI, it features CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss) technology and the power-saving ALF (Active Line Filter). The EB 6/9 kW is DMX compatible and no bigger than ARRI's existing EB 6000 Baby ballast.

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