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Apollo Design

Apollo Avere Apollo introduced the AVERE 4 UV black light, this compact unit outputs light at 365nm wavelength, is dimmable to 0% using ELV dimming and is IP65 rated for outdoor use. It is fanless for noise free operation using 6 UV emitters available in 15, 22 and 35 degree beam spreads.

Apollo Design Technology

Apollo Design Technology is adding two new light fixtures to their product line. The D1000 Cyc Light uses linear halogen FFT lamps. Its asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suited to give uniform washes on a wall or cyc. The D1000 is modular and has been expressly planned for use in square, or linear multiple units, where each single element can be independently focused in the vertical plane.

Their Spotlight miniLED Zoom is still in development, but Apollo wanted to show what was coming up. This compact 100W LED fixture uses a high density RGBW chip that allows a smooth zoom range of 12 to 50 degrees. A stand alone mode allows static color choices and dynamic effect presets. Each fixture may be configured a either master or slave, and optional infrared remote control allows selection of functions. The miniLED Zoom is also modular, and can be combined with other units in row or square configurations.

Apollo Design Technology

Apollo PrintScenic Gobo ImageAPOLLO introduced a series of colored gobos designed for LED fixtures. The PrintScenic line is offered in Glass or Plastic and offers full color gobos at a very affordable price. Apollo came to LDI with a newline of LED fixtures to show . The Spotlight LED Profile Zoom and Fresnel are offered in White LED’s in both 100 and 200 Watts. A 250 Watt Profile Zoom is offered in an RGBW color mixing fixture. Apollo is also proud to announce that they will be distributing the Get-a-Grip line of C-clamps formally produced and distributed by Lighting & Electronics.

Apollo Design Technology

New this year at the Apollo, you guessed it an LED fixture. The masters of metal work have decided to jump into the LED fixture arena. Right now they have 2 LED units that they are producing. The Avid 5 is a casting holding currently the Osram HD Par38 lamp. The lamp itself is considered a dimmable lamp. The choice to go with an off the shelf lamp retrofit lamp means that Apollo can improve the unit as LED lamp technology improves. They may also be able to engineer a better dimming curve within the unit itself.

The Avid 7 is a more traditional LED fixture with quad chip LEDs. It has the same style metal housing, DMX in/thru, Powercon in/thru and an LCD screen for accessing on board features. Apollo had a nifty display set up of the piece of raw aluminum from start to finish along with the initial concept drawings.

The main advantages to the Avid feature line will be the fact that they can be customized for any project. Apollo already has fixtures on display in a number of different colors and will custom build whatever you need. The other great advantage is that they are building all the products in the USA. AC-LF5-WRENCH-S

For you tool junkies Apollo had their Little Focus 5 Wrench is a sleek, handy tool for your focusing needs. Made from durable stainless steel, the LF5 provides easy access to common bolt sizes found in the industry.

Apollo Perma PennyAnother handy item Apollo has designed a unique accessory called the Perma Penny. A handy truss protector that slips right onto a fixture clamp to protect aluminum truss from repeated damage done by clamps. The Perma Penny does not have to be removed from truss when finished, it remains on the fixture clamp until next installation.

Of course there was no shortage of gel and gobo products on display. For those who were not familiar with Apollo’s Gel Wrap, they had the wheel of Gel Wrap which showcase their Gel tubes and wrap.

Apollo Design Technology

In additionto the traditional line of steel and glass patterns, Apollo introduced three new Outdoor LED fixtures this year.

The Outdoor LED Profile Fixture. These fixtures are IP65 rated and available either at 75W with 2800 lumens or at 30W with 1000 lumens. The color temperature is a choice between 6500K or 5500K. The standard lens option is 27.5*, but you do have the option to easily swap out the lens for a 16*, 20*, 38.5* or 50* by removing two set screws a the front of the lens . It is low profile at 13.4’’L X 9.8”H X 5.5”W and light weight at 3.5lbs. The finish options are white or black.

The AVERE 5UV is a 65W black light with an output of 15000mW, dimmable to 0% with ELV Dimmers. The lens options available are 15*, 23* and 36*. This fixture is also viable in Cool White and Warm White 98CRI, 385nM

The AVERE 3UV is a IP68 outdoor rated fixture suitable for mounting below ground and an optional stainless steel fixture suitable for use in chlorine environments. This fixture is 10-15W, 24V with an external power source and DMX controllable.

The beam options are 15*, 23* and 36*. Color options include 385NM; White: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K; and RGBW. Custom RAL Colors and housing design is available. There will be a larger version available in Mid-January.

Apollo also has a line of tools tomake life easier for entertainment technicians.

Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

Apollo AVERE UVExpanding on last year’s new AVERE series fixtures which allowed you to insert your own LED lamp into the housing, Apollo added a UV fixture called the AVERE 4U. This fixture has 5 high efficacy UV LED emitters built in and is IP65 rated.

Keeping with the spirit of UV, Apollo also is selling a UV T8 LED Tube, which with some minor tweaks to your current Fluorescent ballasts, swap out fairly easily.

Apollo Stack Focus WrenchEver wonder what happens to all that scrap steel left over from making gobos? Well Apollo takes that and creates these new Little Focus wrenches! Stacking a couple of sheets together and riveting them together creates a unique look and feel for a focus tool. They come in 3”, 5” and 6” sizes.

Need some earrings? Apollo can now cut miniature gobos out of steel or gel to make them! Sounds like the perfect gift for lighting lovers everywhere!

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