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American Studio Equipment

American GripAmerican Studio Equipment now offers a special low boy combo type stand to be used with the Dana Dolly. The Dana Dolly stand has a "T" top welded to accept the track ends, is about 8" shorter than a low boy combo, and has two leveling legs instead of one, which will allow it to level better on mountains or rocky terrain. While this stand was not at the booth, American Grip encourages customers to contact Barbizon for additional information.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer introduced the Dionic HCX at NAB. Not only does the Dionice HCX have a 120 watt-hour capacity, they also have a unique, built-in motion detection sensor. After a two-week period without a load, the DIONIC HCX automatically goes into “deep sleep,” significantly reducing self-discharge and allowing extended storage with nearly zero capacity loss. To “awaken” the battery for normal use, customers need only move the battery, thus activating the motion detection feature and as a result, “wake up” the battery. This new motion detection feature significantly increases the overall life of the battery by mitigating lithium-ion battery self-discharge when the battery is not in use. Anton/Bauer also has plans to integrate the DIONIC HCX with its signature Anton/Bauer Battery Management System (AB-BMS), which, in the future, will allow users to program the inactivity time length prior to the battery “going to sleep,” further allowing the customer to tailor their battery systems to their specific needs.

Weighing just 2.4 pounds (1.09 kg), the DIONIC HCX is capable of withstanding high instantaneous current draws in addition to 10 amp sustained current draws. The DIONIC HCX can power a 40 watt camera with a 20 watt light for over two hours – making it a good choice for users working with on-camera lighting applications requiring a high current draw.

In addition, the DIONIC HCX offers an enhanced LCD RealTime® fuel gauge. Users can now quickly and easily check their run-time, with the display showing up to nine hours of run-time when used under low-power load conditions. The new LCD display clearly indicates remaining run-time and battery capacity, showing the number of hours available with a seven segment display surrounded by arcs indicating 15 minute intervals. A battery “gas gauge” indicator also shows remaining capacity in 20 percent intervals underneath the remaining run-time indicators.

Anton Bauer

At NAB, Anton Bauer unveiled some major enhancements to their existing line along with a couple of new products worth noting.

NAB 2012 brought the announcement that, effective immediately, all Anton Bauer batteries would be shipping with new RealTime Display fuel gauge window. Easy-to-read, RealTime update eliminates the original [and confusing] “pie chart” display in favor of a simple hour and minute time-remaining display and universal appearing battery scale graphic. Another enhancement is the integration, across all Logic Series batteries, of the SleepMode motion detection feature. Reducing unnecessary discharge when not in use, shaking the battery or attaching it to a mount will awaken it from stand-by.

Wireless HD transmission is now available from Anton Bauer / IMT in a Gold Mount enabled package. For use in the unlicensed 5.8Ghz band (also works in licensed 2.3Ghz band), the transmitter and receiver have a stated range of up to three-quarters of a mile. Wireless monitor from Direct VU is available separately from the transmitter and receiver, which we are told will list at less than $25,000.

For powering cinema cameras on location, Anton Bauer was showing their VLCX series batteries, which integrate four Hytron 140 cells for a total of 560Wh of power at 20a / 14.4V or 12a / 28V (for Sony F23/F35 cameras). The VLCX series replaces the hot-swappable cinema chargers. Call Barbizon for pricing on the VLCX series batteries and charger.

New at NAB this year was Anton Bauer’s Matrix Cheese Plate system for either 15mm or 19mm rods systems. With an array 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting holes on the plate, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, it is possible to mount disk recorders and Anton Bauer Gold mounts to the camera’s existing rods system. List price will be less than $300 with either 15mm or 19mm clamps.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer Gold SpectrumAnton Bauer was showcasing their wireless system which allows the camera operator to transmit an HD signal remotely from up to ½ mile away from the central receiving location (booth, satellite truck, et al). It allows for multiple cameras to transmit to one central location allowing a director to make real time adjustments. Here is Anton Bauer’s description:

“The Gold Spectrum Wireless Series, a compact 5.8 GHz COFDM RF system which transmits a robust HD signal over great distances, all the while being powered by Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries.

The system utilizes the 5.8 GHz frequency band allowing operation without the need for an FCC license. The AB-HDTX transmitter sends its signal directly to the AB-HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the AB DirectVu handheld confidence monitor/receiver. The unit's size makes it ideal for reality-based, ENG/EFP and live event coverage.

The Gold Spectrum Series products have an RF output of 100 mW and is capable of accepting a wide range of HD/SD video formats along with embedded audio from the HD SDI output on the camera. The use of MPEG-4 compression allows the signal to travel more than a half-mile in line-of-site applications. The system offers users the flexibility to be able to choose from 12 different channels in which to transmit to ensure the least amount of interference. The Gold Spectrum Wireless Series products are certified with CE and FCC Part 15. “

Anton Bauer

New Anton Bauer Brand LogoAnton Bauer rolled out a new look and an updated line of their popular batteries at NAB for 2014.

This show also marked the introduction of Sachtler-branded V-Mounts – Powered by Anton Sachtler-D90-V-Mount-BatteryBauer. Featuring the same electronics configuration and impact resistant rubberized outer shell as the popular Digital Series batteries, the Sachtler V-Mount versions will be available in 90, 150 and 190wH versions with 1000 charge cycle warranty. Inside, both mounting styles feature a new “honeycomb” design, which isolates each cell for airflow and to inhibit damage and P-Tap for accessories power.

Anton Bauer Performance Charger New LookA new generation of smart Performance Chargers were also shown at NAB, with many interactive features set to come online later this year. Designed for Digital Series batteries, the Performance Dual and Quad chargers allow for in-depth diagnostics via the on-board touch screen and promise remote monitoring through built-in Wi-Fi (mobile apps due later in 2014). Priority charging and best-in-class efficiency helps the Performance line conserve up to 40% power, compared to competing products.

Anton Bauer

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Anton Bauer Digital Series BatteriesThis year Anton Bauer unveiled new features for their Digital Battery and Performance Charger line first introduced at NAB 2015. Anton/Bauer has updated its Digital Battery Series with Fuse Link technology, a new connection technology that provides an added protection circuit within each cell pack, prohibiting damage to adjoining cells if a single cell is affected for any reason by severe impact, puncture or thermal runaway. AB also previewed their new Asset Management System (AMS), which will be available to the marketplace as a tier-based subscription in the third quarter of 2015. When an Anton/Bauer battery is placed on a Wi-Fi enabled Performance Charger, the AMS will automatically upload its information, including remaining run-time, temperature, voltage, and present capacity, to a secure, cloud-based server. All pertinent data required for tracking and performance analysis will be available with a simple user log-in and password.

Anton Bauer

CINE90 G MountAnton/Bauer announced its North American debut of their new CINE battery series at this year’s NAB.

The Cine battery series uses the next generation Li-Ion technology. Today’s digital cinema cameras need higher power performance and the CINE provides a long lasting charge. The CINE is 12 amps of constant power and provides a PowerTap® to power any other 14V accessory. It has an LCD display which shows run time when on board the camera and a percentage of charge when it is unattached. Its new compact design gives it a lower profile and the Fuse Link technology, developed by the Tesla Motor research, provides an added circuit protection. The CINE line features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states, ensuring optimal battery performance during regular use.

“The CINE battery series is the culmination of Anton/Bauer’s commitment to producing the world’s most reliable power systems for professional cinematographers,” said Treena Dixon, Product Manager for Anton/Bauer.

The CINE series is available in both Gold Mount® and V-Mount connectors and is compatible with all Anton/Bauer Gold Mount and V-Mount chargers.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer continues to address new issues facing the broadcast and film industry when it comes to batteries. The helps users adapt to the IATA regulations which mandate that Lithium-ion batteries may only carry a charge of 30 percent or less of their rated capacity when transported as cargo. In just three hours, the LPD can discharge four 90 WH batteries from full. It also does not require external power to operate, making it ideal for both convenience and protection. This solution is lightweight and robust for easy travel, as well as fan-cooled and thermally protected for safe unattended use. While Anton Bauer introduced this product last year, it remains extremely popular for traveling broadcasters and rental houses alike.

Apollo Design

Apollo introduced a handful of our new 2012 gobo patterns. Some customer favorites were the intricate steel patterns and life like glass patterns. Now everyone can view our new patterns! Click here to see what the creative artists have designed for 2012.

Also in the booth was the new Multiform Multispot HP5 which sports an IP65 rating. It has a 70W RGBAW array, exchangeable lenses, and a large LCD display interface. Also being shown is the new IP65 Multispot HP3 medium flood fixture.

Apollo also has added the ProfileLED. This is a 50 watt LED profile fixture with at 20 to 40 degree beam. It takes an “M” size gobo. We decided to see how well it did and projected it on the column across from the Apollo booth. It did pretty well. It’s a great little museum / retail fixture.

The Apollo Wrench won the PLASA Member’s Choice Award in the gadget category at LDI. We have received great feedback from people who have viewed and demo'd it in the Apollo booth. With an MSRP of $58, the Apollo Wrench is a tool many will view as a necessity.

The Control Booth gang put together a little video about it.. Check it out:

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