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-> NAB 2014 Show Report

Barbizon-Gates-NAB-2014We had a great time at this year's NAB held April 7-10. While we would have loved to have seen you there, we know that not all of our customers were able to make the trek out to Las Vegas for this annual event. So we sent our staff out to comb the LVCC to find the latest and greatest gear released at this year's NAB show. Below is a compilation of equipment from manufacturers we distribute. If you see anything thatpiques your interest please contact us and we would be happy to get you more information and/or a quote. Enjoy!

16 x 9 16 x 9, well known for its line of camera and lighting equipment and accessories, is now the sole distributor (available through Barbizon) of the LibertyPak range of range of portable battery power. LibertyPak has been providing high quality lithium-ion battery belts, packs and efficient power management systems since 2002. Introduced this year, were the Little Genny, and the Big Genny. The Little Genny has a 320 Wh. Capacity with a max output of 600 watts. It has 117V AC or 24V output to power just about anything you need in the field or in emergency situations. The size is relatively compact, and the weight is 19 lbs. The Big Genny is the larger version and has a 960 Wh capacity. Charge time is 9 hrs. versus 3.5 hrs. for the smaller version. Both are certified as IATA and DOT compliant, so you can fly with them!


With the introduction of the Cine Lens mount adapter by 16x9 Inc., cameras that are E-mount can now accept PL lenses. Manufactured with aluminum and stainless steel, the Cine Lens Mount Adapter features front and end locking mechanisms. It works with Sony’s E-mount Nex-FS 100 as well as other mirror-less DSLR cameras. Also, it works with virtually all PL lenses including the new Angenieux Optimo DP lenses. The Cine Lens mount adapter accepts 15mm rods or third-party 15mm support brackets.

16x9 Inc

Bebob has developed a small dimable LED light source for on camera use. The new LUX LED-4 is available in d-tap or AA power options. The light uses less than 4w of power while producing 23 FC @ 3’. Bebob has also developed new toys for their Akkus battery line. The Coco Battery Adapter powers small camcorders with the flexibility ofpowering up to 5 additional accessories from power ports built into the adapter plate. Now you can power your light, monitor, audio, etc. from one adapter plate. Available in V-mount or 3-stud style. Looking to go even smaller? They have added the Coco features directly into their A75 & V75 Plus battery case. Plug directly into the battery. The new ML-120 hot swap adapter allows you to run you battery dry then power your rig up to 2 minutes without interrupting the power while you swap batteries. It then recharges itself once you get the fresh battery in place.

2015 LDI Show Report


Welcome to our LDI 2015 Show Report.

If you have any questions or comments please email

2016 LDI Show Report

Welcome to Barbizon Lighting's

2016 LDI BannerLDI was be held October 21-23, 2016

If you have any questions or comments please email

2016 NAB Show Report

NAB 2016Thanks for stopping by to read Barbizon's 2016 NAB Show report. Our team members met with companies from all over the floor of the NAB Show and brought us back the latest and greatest they saw in lighting, grip production equipment.   nab16-education-2In the meantime we've made PDFs of Barbizon's 2016 NAB educational seminars from John Gates & Jim Sippel and you can download them for free with these links!: Gates: Myth-busting LED Lighting Sippel: Small Crew Big Production Value (Indoors) Gates: Myth-Busting - Rubber Hits the Road at KTRK Sippel: Small Crew Big Production Value (Outdoors)  

2017 NAB Show Report

The NAB 2017 conference was last week April 24-27 in 2017. Our Barbizon Lighting's staff was on the ground looking for all the latest lighting, grip, and other handy production acquisitionequipment being released. We're in the process of digesting it down and posting it here for you to see. The reports from this year's show are below in alphabetical order. If you saw something of note please email us at more [at] and we'll take a peek and update! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!  

A LDI 2017 Show Report

Below is the latest that the Barbizon team found as we scoured the floor to find the latest innovations in entertainment lighting technology at this year's LDI show held in Las Vegas Nov 17-19.  

A LDI 2018 Show Report

Check out a comprehensive list of items we saw at the 2018 LDI Show held in Las Vegas Oct 19-21.

If you'd like more information on the products posted here, or if you saw something you think we missed or that needs updating - contact us by emailing:

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