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SeaChager Wash

Product Code: SeaChager Wash
Manufacturer: SeaChanger

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SeaChanger Wash

The SeaChanger Wash is a novel CYMG hexachromic color changer that turns ETC SOurce Four Ellipsoidal into a dichroic wash light. It provides soft illumination and seamless color transitions for theatrical, worship and architectural applications. It is a self-contained unit with an internal power supply and 4-channel DMX control.


  • Control via 4-channel DMX from RDM devices, or manually
  • Easy installation to any Source Four Ellipsoidal reflector housing
  • Silent Operation
  • Extreme Green Filter Wheel dramatically expands the color gamut
  • Dichroic filters do not fade or degrade with time or temperature
  • Adjustable focal length to create wash area from 20° - 70° FOV