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5722 Ultimatte Super Blue

Product Code: 5722
Manufacturer: Rosco

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Ultimatte Super Blue Ultimatte Paints have been specifically formulated to provide the correct luminance and RGB Values for optimum operation with the Ultimatte compositing system. The color specifications were designed in conjunction with the Ultimatte Corporation and have their official approval.Rosco Ultimatte Paints are recommended for interior and exterior surfaces including fabrics, wallboard, plastics, plaster, brick, and concrete.Ultimatte Paints have been designed for use with the Ultimatte System. However they can be used with Chroma Key systems as well. They provide optimal luminance and color separation when shot on either film or video.Rosco Ultimatte Super Blue is a darker, purer blue than Ultimatte Blue. It is designed primarily for use in shooting film for Ultimatte compositing. It permits sufficient separation in the blue and green channels without having to saturate the blue layer of the negative. The result can be less noise in the telecine transfer. In addition, it can be used to reduce glare on horizontal surfaces that might interfere with a clean matte.