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5580 Clear Gloss (Acrylic Glazes)

Product Code: RPT05580-1G
Manufacturer: Rosco
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Clear Gloss Clear Acrylic Glazes are versatile acrylic mediums that can be used to protect other painted finishes or provide additional strength and adhesion to other scenic paints or to create transparent glazes and color washes.Used as a topcoat, Clear Flat and Gloss provide a tough durable finish to protect your painted scenery from incidental abuse from handling, scratches and spills. Used on a stage floor, Clear Acrylic Glazes protect a paint treatment from basic wear nd tear, as well as providing the desired finish; flat, gloss or a mixture of the two giving the scenic artist complete control over the depth of the finished paint treatment. Clear Acrylic does not provide the same protection as a urethane finish. If you need a super hard protective finish to protect against moving scenery and excessive abuses, use a polyurethane sealer. Added to paint, Rosco Glazes will increase the adhesion and flexibility of the mixture. Rosco Glazes are compatible with all Rosco Paints, and most other water based or latex paint formulations. (Always test for compatibility with an untried combination.When using a paint with weaker binder strength, such as a casein or tempura paint, adding 1-2 cups of Clear Glaze (flat or gloss based on the desired finish) will improve both the adhesion of these paints to non-porous surfaces, as well as making the finish more resistant to scratches and burnishing. Adding Clear Glaze to Iddings Deep Colors will make the paint finish more water resistant as well.


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