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3101 - 250W InBetweenie Fresnel

Product Code: 3101
Manufacturer: Mole-Richardson Co.

Price: $595.00


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250-watt Molequartz InBetweenie Solarspot with circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation. Curved yoke allows for a steeper lighting angle. The top clip is standard on all InBetweenies, allowing for barn doors, frames and scrims to be held more securely. For use in Motion Picture, Television and the Still Photographic Industries as a key-light, back-light or kicker.


  • Uses the FVL 200W and the FVM 100W globes
  • Less heat on the fixture
  • Lower seal temperature of the globes for longer life
  • Focusing knobs on the front and rear for focusing fom spot-to-flood