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ID-08 - ID-Light W/Power Tap Connector

Product Code: ID-045
Manufacturer: Lowel-Light

Price: $375.00
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ID-Light with Power Tap Connector use rugged long-life lamps, & the accessories of the Pro-light. They provide essential key or fill light, eye-light, and contrast control in news and documentary shooting, without overwhelming available light. Choose the dimmable id-light, fitted with a high intensity reflector & Prismatic Glass to give an even flood & uniform spot, and a full range of light control & mounting accessories to bring convenience & dependability to places where AC dares not go.


  • Multi-use, tungsten halogen source
  • High quality flood and spot using Prismatic glass just like Pro-light
  • Knob extension allows one hand on-camera focusing
  • Front-end comes off for easy
  • No-tool lamp change
  • Slot & lock for umbrella and gel frame
  • Stand fitting and lock
  • 160° Constant tension no yoke tilting
  • 20KHz dimmer