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GAM 5571 - Twin Spin

Product Code: TS5571
Manufacturer: GAM

Price: $595.00


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GAM TwinSpin is a variable speed double pattern rotator using silent drive belts to rotate two patterns in opposite directions. It is designed for use in ellipsoidal spotlights for projected effects, using 'B' size patterns. Gobo rings have a groove to hold gobo pattern and spring steel retaining ring in place. Teflon glides are placed etween gobo rings and outer housing to ensure quiet, smooth operation.


  • Speed control from your light board
  • New drive has 'front-of-house' quietness
  • Fits the iris slot of most ellipsoidal fixtures
  • Control with most dimmers, needs no special cables
  • New wide spreed range 0.3 to 10.0 rpm
  • Use glass or steel patterns