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SS3104 - Star Strobe 3

Product Code: SS3104
Manufacturer: GAM

Price: $139.00


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Star Strobe Superbright is a strobe that can be used to create depth and excitement for concerts or special events. It creates an instant sense of excitement by hanging it from its power cord in teh folds of a black drape and it disappears until it starts to flash. It is a great way to provoke a standing ovation. Frequency or speed of flash can be varied by using almost any dimmer to vary the voltage input, which will not affect the brightness but simply slow down the frequency of the Star Strobe.


  • Double Xenon lamp provides super bright flash
  • 60 Random flashes per minute
  • Rugged molded black housing
  • One-piece molded lens cap
  • Reliable, solid state circuitry
  • Run up to 50 or more Star Strobes on a single 20 amp circuit
  • Speed control using an AC dimmer to vary the flash rate
  • Remote control programmable Star Strobe option