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Battery 3.0V Lithium, DLCR

Product Code: 4133366204
Manufacturer: Duracell

Price: $9.99


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DLCR2BPK is a CR2 3V Non-rechargeable Battery features a lithium manganese dioxide technology, raised positive and flat negative terminals. Whether for a camera, an alarm system or memory backup, LiMn0₂ chemistry of HPL battery. Using a spiral-wound construction, they offer ideal power supply for high-drain devices, with high energy density and excellent resistance to cold temperatures. For applications with a high current pulse and continuous drain. Delivers long-lasting power to keep up with today's high-tech devices.


  • High-power lithium round cells
  • Reliability with more consistent performance
  • Longer lasting to increase productivity
  • Reliable operation in extreme temperature from -40 to 60°C