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DP-2 - Projection Attachment

Product Code: DP2
Manufacturer: Dedotec

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DP2 projection attachment differs from the universal projection attachment (DP1) by working solely with its built-in framing shutters (four blades). It does not accept other accessories such as iris, gobo holder or slide holder. The unique design of the DP2 allows for the easy formation of a variety of light shapes, including triangles, squares, rectangles and trapezoids. Using only the four built-in framing shutters - adequate for many common lighting tasks - the DP2 projection attachment offers the following advantages: The four shutter blades are built-in and cannot be lost. A thin separator disc keeps the four blades from touching each other, eliminating the risk of accidentally moving one blade while manipulating another. The DP2 projection attachment was designed especially for gaffers and others who may need to change the shape of the projected light frequently.The Dedolight projection attachments are used to produce defined light and shadow patterns with absolute precision and infinite variations. It fits the front accessory slot of most Dedolight heads and is not made for use with other lighting systems. Supplied with an 85mm metal mounted lens (DPL-85M) and storage pouch. Weight: 1.1 lb. (494 g)