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GT-3 V 2.0 - Barger Baglite 3-Lite V 2.0

Product Code: 3-LITE V 2.0 120V
Manufacturer: Barger Baglite

Price: $1,237.50


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3-Lite V 2.0 is a heavy-duty light designed for use with the Chimera Video Pro Lightbanks. It uses GE's FCM/HIR 650 Watt lamps. With their infrared retaining ability they produce more than 90% of a 1000 watt lamp with less heat and less amperage. Burn just one lamp and the entire Chimera is evenly lit, making it a beautiful soft source. Features:

  • All-new reflector and tray design
  • Recessed reflectors
  • Tall switch guards protect the new double pole switches
  • Uses Quartz small and medium Chimeras