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Interview Kit Bi-Color V-Mount w/ Case & Accessories

Product Code: DRP-INT-BV-CK
Manufacturer: Dracast

Price: $2,884.64


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3-Light Interview Kit is comprised of 2 LED500 Pro Bi-Color lights, each with a multi-voltage power adapter, soft case, an 8.7' light stand, and either a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. A dual charger is included for the batteries. An LED160A on-camera light is also included with a power supply, built-in Sony NP-F series battery plate and soft case.

The LED160A employs 160 LEDs, with a CRI rating of 95, providing Bi-Color, accurate color rendering and a beam spread of 45 degrees. It features an aluminum chassis for strength and durability but weighs only 1/2 pound.

The LED500 Pro LED Light is an ideal choice for location work, interviews and small sets where color accuracy, control and flicker-free output are of major importance.The LED500's each output the hot light equivalent of 350W but you won't have to be concerned about the talent's comfort - the panel runs barely warm to the touch. The low electrical draw of just 30W means a timely return on your investment.