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Source Four PAR Dimmer Kit

Product Code: 7145K1002-0X
Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

Price: $450.00


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Distributed Dimming Series Source Four PAR Dimmer Retrofit Kit is designed to retrofit the existing Source Four PAR or PARNel Lighting Fixtures and comes with a burner assembly. It also includes a lamp housing.

The Source Four Dimmer delivers a high performance in tungsten-lighting applications. Using ETC’s ES (Electronic Silent) technology and a convection-cooled design, this dimmer can be placed in acoustically sensitive venues. By taking DMX control signals directly, this self dimming tungsten fixture can reside alongside LEDs and moving lights, allowing system designs to focus on switched power and data distribution instead of centralized dimming systems.

The Source Four Dimmer can be used in applications requiring distributed dimming and position flexibility such as theaters, hybrid incandescent, LED and discharge systems, industrial productions, rentals, conference and exhibition centers, and multi-use venues like schools and meeting rooms.