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SolaSpot Pro CMY LED

Product Code: H7010009
Manufacturer: High End Systems

Price: $6,550.00


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SolaSpot Pro CMY LED is the industry has finally got an LED tool to truly replace existing 700W and some 800W arc fixtures! All this coupled with the long life of the LED source. Alongside yet another industry first when it comes to LED and CMY, are features like Linear CTO, 2 gobo wheels, a fixed color wheel, incredibly quick zoom and focus, a prism, iris and frost, making this a true work horse of the future. Including High End System’s patented lens defogger, SolaSpot™ Pro CMY LEDis yet another innovative step towards the future.


  • Over 13,000 Lumens LED Output
  • Bright White LED Engine
  • Even Beam Field
  • CMY Color mixing
  • Linear CTO
  • Rotating Gobo Wheel 6 + 1
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel 7 + 1
  • Fixed Color Wheel 7 + 1
  • Fast Zoom 12 to 40 degrees
  • Remote Focus
  • Variable Iris
  • Rotating Prism
  • Indigo Highlighter
  • Patented Lens Defogger
  • Lowest Price in Class
  • Small Footprint
  • Quiet Operation
  • Fast Pan and Tilt