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Monstro Coupler for 2.5" Pipe (2.875"OD) Silver

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Monstro-Coupler for 2.5" Pipe (2.875"OD), Silver is designed to fit pipes larger than the standard theatrical battens. CNC machined from solid billet aircraft-grade aluminum, they are perfect for attaching to odd size pipes and tubes. Monstro-Couplers have a narrow size range of application. One size does NOT fit all! See sizes listed below. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Different size Monstro-Couplers can be attached together to make a swiveling connection. The product MLSM3TO2 defines a swivel Monstro-Coupler for fastening a 3" tube to 2" tube. Swivel couplers can also be made with two couplers of the same size.

Stainless steel hardware is available as a custom option. Add “-SS” to the part number for 304 SS, a less expensive stainless steel which is fine for most inland outdoor usage. Add “-316SS” to the part number for 316 stainless steel which provides corrosion protection in marine usage. 316 stainless steel is expensive but worth the extra cost for salt water environments, fountains, and swimming pools.