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B377700 - Max

Product Code: B377700
Manufacturer: Matthews

Price: $5,250.00


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MAX supports lighting fixtures up to 175lbs (80kg), works below the horizontal, can be positioned flush against a wall or corner and moves easily at full extension on level surfaces.

MAX will support lighting fixtures up to 175lbs (80kg) MAX will allow to place almost any light almost anywhere on the set - back lights, over set walls and in places where lifts are restricted such as roof tops, balconies, etc...MAX works below the horizontal, eliminating the need for scaffolding. MAX will support a 75lbs (34kg) light fixture up to 17.5 feet (533cm) on the horizontal and over 20 feet (609cm) in elevation. At an extension of 8 feet (244cm) MAX has a capacity of 175lbs (80kg). Reposition the chromed weight post from its storage position and add 25lb (12kg) weights to each side as required to counterbalance the load. Weights not included.

MAX's horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7-10 feet (213-305cm) MAX can be counterbalanced with either shot or sand bags and also with standard weight plates. By using the weight plates MAX can be moved around easily on flat, level surfaces. MAX can be positioned flush against a wall or into a corner. MAX can be positioned parallel up to a 10' (305cm) ceiling.MAX at a height of 6'6" (199cm) goes through doorways. 16' (487cm) extension without adapter. 17.5' (533cm) extension with adapter. Self-leveling head with Baby Pin and Junior Receiver. Fast and easy setp or tear down. Easily movable at full extension on level surfaces. Angles are adjustable with light fixture attached.Use for lights, flags, frames, branch holders or even cameras. 3:1 weight ratio.