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Matchstix 12" Lamphead

Product Code: 700.0012
Manufacturer: Cineo Lighting LLC

Price: $216.00


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Imagine a small, simple, color-accurate light source designed for image capture with the versatility of power and mounting options to go anywhere you need it.

Cineo Lighting and Litegear have teamed up to develop the Matchstix series of small, versatile Remote Phoshpor light sources. Matchstix operate from any DC power source from 11.5 to 16 VDC, including many battery options. Connection uses standard co-ax DC power connectors on each send, providing the ability to serially connect multiple units, with up to 6 feet of total fixture length. Matchstix are optimized for flawless, flickerfree control with Litegear Litedimmers. Only 35mm wide, Matchstix are available in 6” and 12” lengths and are surprisingly bright for their size. Available in all Cineo color temperatures, their color quality perfectly matches all other Cineo softlights. The back side of all Matchstix includes a standard cold-shoe slot for limitless mounting options virtually anywhere.

A few examples where Matchstix are the ideal small lighting source: On-camera for a soft key light Inconspicuous uplighting for TV news desks Perfect for teleprompters and steady cam use Lighting for shooting automobile interiors Perfect for tabletop photography.

Ruggedly built from anodized aluminum and color-coded for easy identification of CCT, these small sources can easily withstand the most demanding applications. It’s what you expect from Cineo.