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TruColor LS Lamphead and Yoke

Product Code: 900.0045
Manufacturer: Cineo Lighting LLC

Price: $1,093.95


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TruColor LS provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) found in the TruColor HS in a small, lightweight package. IT delivers an unprecedented volume of soft light optimized for image capture, as well as other applications that demand accurate color rendering. The TruColor LS exceeds the output of a traditional 1K incandescent soft light using less than 150 watts of AC power. Up to 10 units can be powered from a single 15 amp circuit avoiding the added cost of generators, fuel, and heavy cales. Operating temperatures are also significantly reduced, producing virtually no heat in the illuminated area.

Rather than traditional diffusion to soften the light source, light actually emits from the RPT panel on the front of the fixture, providing a lighting characteristic that radiates equally in a 160º radius. The ability for TruColor LS to “wrap” your subject with soft, edgeless shadows is unlike any fixture you’ve ever used.

Cineo Lighting has partnered with Intematix Corporation, a leading innovator of phosphor technology to develop special high-CRI formulations that deliver 3200K with a CRI of 98. When daylight is required, the interchangeable phosphor panels allow the same fixture to output 5600K with a CRI of 94. Additional color temperatures are available to match other light conditions, including panels optimized for chroma key. The color temperatures of the TruColor LS consistently matches all the other fixtures in the TruColor line, and it will not change over time like other lighting technologies.

Like all Cineo Lighting products, the TruColor LS is extremely durable, built to last with anodized alloy construction, tough polycarbonate panels, and field serviceable components.

Utilizes Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) for accurate, consistent output Optimized output for film, video, and still photography Interchangeable CCT for maximum flexibility 2700K @ 98CRI = 17fc@10’ (183 lx @ 3m) 3200K @ 98CRI = 19fc @ 10’ (205 lx @3m) 4300K @ 97CRI = 22fc @ 10’ (237 lx @ 3m) 5600K @ 94CRI = 23fc @ 10’ (248 lx @ 3m) 6500K @ 93CRI = 23fc @ 10’ (248 lx @ 3m) 160º light spread Small and lightweight Flicker-free Completely silent operation Local and DMX dimming with no color shift: 10-100% Field serviceable components Built-in filter tray to attach accessories Accessories include gel frame, louvers, barn doors, snap grid, soft box 2-year parts and labor warranty ETL and cETL Listed, CE Compliant Zero UV light emitted.