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K411 Lighting Kit

Product Code: FLXK411
Manufacturer: Fiilex

Price: $2,395.00


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K411 Lighting Kit is ideal for when you need to light both your subject and your background. All four lights have Fiilex's patented color tunable technology, so you can quickly match ambient or artificial light. It is even great for green screen work. You will be able to work with, or create, complex lighting set-ups with the K411 kit. Complete in a rolling travel case, the kit has two P360 lights with 350W of equivalent power (uses 90W), and two P180E lights with 200W of equivalent power (uses 40W), four AC Power adapters, four barndoors, three light stands, one cold shoe mount (for P180E), one 15"x15" softbox, and one speedring.