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K303 Lighting Kit

Product Code: FLXK303
Manufacturer: Fiilex

Price: $3,349.00


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K303 Lighting Kit features three powerful P360s and three P2Q Converters, delivering the soft light and hard shadow you need to get a high-quality, cinematic look. The color tunable P360s generate a total 1050W equivalent output, and the P2Q Converter mounts to the front of the P360 to throw its light far, illuminating hard-to-reach backgrounds. Barndoors control the spread of the light while the 5-Inch Fresnel Lens transforms it, intensifying the center beam an impressive 8x and focusing the beam angle from 65° to 14°. A versatile tool for building and throwing light, the K304 kit includes three P360 color tunable light heads, P2Q Converters, 90W-AC/DC power adapters, barndoors, light stands, and a durable travel case.


  • 1050W of Total Equivalent Output
  • 270W Total Draw
  • Color Tunable Between 3000K - 5600K
  • High CRI (>92)
  • Dimmable (100%-10%)
  • Battery- Ready
  • Flicker-Free at any Frame Rate
  • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
  • Compatible with Fiilex Accessories