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Hurricane Jr Kit IP65 Daylight

Product Code: KIT-JR-001
Manufacturer: AAdynTech

Price: $3,915.00


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Jr LED Kit is an IP65 Rated. Perfect for news eng crews when working outside in the rain. Requiring less than 1 amp of power, the 5600K daylight led light fixture is so easy to use. Power it with AC 90-240 volt or DC battery 24-32 volt. Amazingly provides 650 foot candles at 10 feet, just what you need to fill in a face, when you have the sun as back light or a very bright background. The compact daylight source weighs just 5 pounds and is quickly replacing many small hmi lights on location. The on board dimmer adjusts light output from 0 - 100% without a shift in color temperature. In addition, 5 Pin DMX input / outputs provide lighting console control. Light beam is controlled by the use of spreader lenses. As the beam is spread, light output decreases, but light beam covers a larger area. This kit also contains a softbox (light bank) and speed ring, for mounting the soft box to the light fixture.