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Hollywood Hanger For 1" Round

Product Code: B429616
Manufacturer: Matthews

Price: $47.00
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Hollywood Corner is gusseted for maximum strength. There is no need for cumbersome tie straps. The corners contain all tubes in a captive state with no more loose pieces that could be lost or damaged.

Matthews 'Quick Reverse Ears' are the strongest, most versatile way of suspending an overhead frame and they are available only from Matthews. The ears are guaranteed to provide a fast and efficient way to flip the frame, allowing two rags to be tied off to the frame, one on either side. Flip from bounce to black or any other combination.

Backdrop Ears(TM): Well, Matthews has the solution that permanently eliminates the wrinkling problem associated with the standard style ears - Matthews Backdrop Ears. By extending the 409525 Backdrop Ear Round Connector and the 409216 Backdrop Ear Square QUIK Reverse Pin away from the Grip Head through a series of extensions and well-designed bends, Matthews has achieved what was virtually impossible to accomplish using the older style ears when hanging lighting control fabrics.