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Heavy Rain

Product Code: GAMTSLGAM-11
Manufacturer: GAM

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Film/FX provides a much needed additional range of special effects possibilities. There are three control choices; plug into 120 or 220 volts, or use just about any dimmer to vary the speed and cue. You can also plug it directly into the main power and operate at full speed. If you have selected the model with in-line speed control, you can select the operating speed.

The GAM Film/FX like the TwinSpin II is built on a stainless steel housing to ensure stability of the drive mechanism in the high heat environment of an ellipsoidal spotlight. The precision machined drive rollers coupled with a high performance low voltage motor provide reliable performance. The unique snap in design, (Patented) makes it very easy to change the FX/Loop and the large and growing collection of designs will make GAM Film/FX one of the most flexible special effects tools you have ever worked with. Pick from the large selection of off-the-shelf designs or create your own custom effects in either stainless steel or polyester GAM has the tools you need to demonstrate your creative imagination.