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ETC Element 60 - 250

Product Code: 4330A1130
Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

Price: $7,645.00
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Element is designed expressly for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control. Affordable and easy to use, Element packs in the fundamentals of lighting control. Element comes in two hardware versions, based on fader count, to suit your rig. Each supports either 250 or 500 channels and two full universes of DMX output:

  • Element 40 - 250 Channels
  • Element 40 - 500 Channels
  • Element 60 - 250 Channels
  • Element 60 - 500 Channels

Supporting two external, Windows® 7-compatible high-resolution monitors (standard, single- or multi-touch), programming could not be any more straightforward and easy.

The ideal element for Element

  • Smaller venues like schools and houses of worship with a single console operator or volunteer staffers
  • Rigs outfitted predominantly with conventional fixtures (spotlights, PARs, fresnels, etc. and their accessories - scrollers, mirror heads, gobo rotators, etc.) or LED fixtures
  • Rigs with a small number of simple moving lights