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Cineo Hs2 Bi-Color Integrated Kit

Product Code: 901.0022
Manufacturer: Cineo Lighting LLC

Price: $3,780.00


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HS2 components are 100% crosscompatible with all legacy HS fi xtures, accessories, phosphor panels, and cabling. The HS2 lamphead features an integrated design, an improved safety switch and 80/20 mounting slots to for attaching the yoke and accessories. Two distinct mixing chambers allow custom CCT mixing via DMX. New hinged top access panel allows for easy phosphor panel and accessory changes. Maximum output is 25,000 lumens.

The RDM450 is smaller and lighter weight than the legacy power supply and features completely redesigned electronics for improved reliability. Other new features include digital display and control, remote programming via RDM, fi ne dimming, smooth dimming and strobe capability. The RDM450 can be attached directly to the HS2 head for one-piece operation or operated remotely up to 300 feet from the fi xture.

HS2 is also uniquely suited for green and chroma key applications. Traditional white fi xtures waste 70% or more of the light when used to light green or blue screens, while HS2 translates 100% of the available light into optimized green or blue light. In addition the Cineo

HS2 features 2 light mixing chambers, making it possible to convert 50% of the fi xture to green and the other 50% to either tungsten or daylight.

HS2 represents Cineo Lighting’s commitment to constant innovation of illumination technology. This second generation tool builds upon Cineo’s years of experience in Remote Phosphor Technology while continuing to provide the unexcelled brightness, extremely accurate color quality, power effi ciency, and fl exibility that hundreds of cinematographers, gaff ers, and lighting designers rely on daily.