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999005 - Mounting Hardware Survival Kit

Product Code: 999005
Manufacturer: Matthews

Price: $1,913.60


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Mounting Hardware Survival Kit contains the following: 4--Hollywood Superflex, 2--3' Baby Plates, 2--4' C Clamps with 5/8' Stud, 4--Hollywood 2-1/2' Grip Heads, 4--20" Arm, 2--Gaffer Grips, 4--Super Mafer Clamps, 4--Mafer Clamp 5/8' Pins, 2--Afflac Clamps, 6--5/8' Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamps, 1--Double Gag, 1--6' Furniture Clamp with Adapter, 1--12' Furniture Clamp with Adapter, 1--Gag, 1 Carrying Case