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NPAC – Multi-Circuit Rack Mount 120/4

Product Code: NPAC-120-4
Manufacturer: LynTec

Price: $2,315.00


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LynTec’s NPAC (Networkable Power Automation Control) — is a complete, ready-to-install power management solution delivering power control for audio/video sequencing and lighting control in a single 2RU rack-mounted unit that can manage up to 80 amps. This new approach to rack power distribution dramatically simplifies the installation and improves the reliability of using multiple single circuit power control boxes.  

For large venues or equipment spread across a facility, the master/remote architecture enables control for up to 10 NPAC units on a single network.

Engineered to protect and control installed entertainment AVL systems, the NPAC can also manage lighting and AV systems across multiple control zones and with multiple control protocols (HTTP, Telnet, sACN, DMX) and simple contact closures. From the NPAC's interface, users can select the protocol for each zone as well as set up, troubleshoot, control, and monitor status remotely across existing networks from any computer, tablet, or handheld smart device. 

Fully self-contained for plug and go operation.  Built-in web server for browser-based setup and control.  Unlimited sequence order and step rate options.  Control outlets individually or as a group.  Up to 12 operation zones can be established.  No electrician required for set-up.  Requires on only 2 RU (3.5 inches) of space.  Network up to 10 units together to form a power control system.  Interfaces with DMX512, sACN, Telnet, HTTP or contact closure control systems.  Built in astronomical clock for automated operation.  

This unit operates on 120 Volts and has 4 relays.