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Track Tamer w/ Hex Nut

Product Code: 520
Manufacturer: City Theatrical

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Many lighting installations use Unistrut with Unistrut nuts, but Unistrut nuts are deficient when it comes to hanging lighting fixtures. To focus a lighting fixture, you must loosen the Unistrut nut and risk it popping out and leaving you with a lighting fixture in your arms at the top of a lift or ladder. Our Track Tamers were designed to overcome these problems. First we have deep grooves that grip the track tightly to prevent it from coming out, and we separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture. With a Track Tamer you can easily slide the fixture into position (without danger of falling out of the track), then lock it down to the track while still leaving the fixture free to focus. After the fixture is focused, it then can be locked down tightly for the run of the show. Track Tamers are safer, and faster than standard Unistrut hardware for hanging entertainment lighting fixtures.