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Safer Sidearm Original

Product Code: 202
Manufacturer: City Theatrical

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Safer Sidearms transfer the load from the lighting fixture back to the structural pipe through a diagonal brace, instead of a C-Clamp. Mount with half coupler up. When adding your own 1 1/2" pipe, drill 3/8" holes to attach the pipe to the body of the 210 sidearm.


  • Replaces the pipe clamp on your existing sidearm
  • Uses Schedule 40 1 1/2" OD pipe
  • Typically used to hold heavier loads from vertical pipes
  • Clamps are designed to nestle inside each other
  • Welded steel construction ensures clamp and body of sidearm are always stronger than the pipe itself
  • Load limit is equal to the load limit of the pipe you are using