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Manufacturer: Osram Sylvania


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Today more than ever, outstanding stage shows come to life through breathtaking light effects. Therefore, the applied light sources have to provide an especially high brightness. With the high-performance SIRIUS HRI® Series, OSRAM has developed reflector lamps which play to their strength especially in small and lightweight moving heads. They are characterized by high luminance, reduced weight and very compact dimensions. The optimized burner design allows any burn-in position, moreover, they show a very stable light output, as the high luminance decreases only slightly over the entire lifetime (between 1500 and 6000 h). The special reflector design allows for an easy and fast lamp replacement, as the burner is already perfectly adjusted within the reflector. SIRIUS HRI® is supplied as a complete system including ECG. Combining reliability, efficiency and luminance, the lamps can be used flexibly in various applications of entertainment lighting.