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Osram KREIOS FL 60W Work Light

Product Code: 54757
Manufacturer: Osram Sylvania

Price: $272.00


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Kreios FL 60W LED Work Light is a work light designed for theaters and other large venues. It delivers higher luminous intensity than traditional 300W halogen fixtures. It allows superior illumination of the stage during set work and rehearsals. The color temperature and CRI have been selected to ensure accurate color rendering.


  • Reliable and Low-cost performance
  • CRI of 85 ensures reliable color rendering
  • No UV/IR emissions
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Completely silent operation and Passive Cooling
  • Black housing color maintains low visibility when not in use
  • Diffused glass reduces glare and provides for a more comfortable workspace
  • Work light for theater set creation and rehearsals
  • General large area illumination