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Transparent Raincover

Product Code: PR405
Manufacturer: Petrol Bags

Price: $101.97


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Transparent Raincover for Mini DV/HDV Video Cameras is designed to protect and cover Mini DV or HDV camcorders. It is constructed of transparent polyurethane for maximum visibility and handsome black waterproof nylon, the new Black Deca Transparent Raincover offers quick and easy access to all camera features. On top of the hood, a 6" polypropylene track allows for the addition of an on-camera light and/or wireless receiver.


  • Ingenious one-piece design
  • Extremely easy to install while shooting
  • New front cover section with microphone sleeve of ripstop fabric attaches to cover via two waterproof zippers for extra weather protection
  • Offers fast and easy access to all camera features
  • Hotshoe connector in the cover's rigid front hood section anchors and stabilizes it on camera
  • At the rear, a tight auxiliary cord anchors cover around and protects the camera's viewfinder
  • Ability to work with camera's flip-out LCD screen open
  • Exterior 6" ABS track allows for addition of mini light while the raincover is in use