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Breakaway Whiskey BTL Brown

Product Code: 3921
Manufacturer: City Theatrical

Price: $138.00
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Breakaway Whiskey Bottle is an easy and safe way to use breaking bottles in productions. It breaks into realistic glass pieces.


  • Come in a variety of useful sizes and shapes
  • ONLY Sold in cases of six (and priced as such)

Shipping weight evelvated due to packing and insurance.

*We guarantee that our breakaway bottles will arrive intact when shipped via UPS, by us to your location (one trip only). We will not guarantee glasses. Only Bottles can be shipped by UPS.  We will replace goods broken in transit provided you notify us of any breakage within 48 hours of receipt of goods, and you pay for freight charges (freight billed to you) on the replacement items. Or, we will give you full credit for the broken items if you prefer. Any breakaways besides bottles are not guaranteed to arrive intact, and are sold at your risk. We will only ship these items by air on your account. We suggest FEDEX Priority Overnight, however, we will not make claims for broken products with the carrier on your behalf, and we will not replace items unless you reorder them at the original cost. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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