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Desk-Lite 121

Product Code: DES-121-120
Manufacturer: Kino Flo

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Desk - Lite 121 is a fill light from the new Desk-Lite 121 makes on-air talent look their very best in HD TV news studios. Hidden in anchor desks and other built-in set pieces, the soft, cool, energy efficient Desk-Lite 121 fills in shadows under the eyes and chin, and smoothes skin details without distracting the viewing audience. The Desk-Lite 121 boasts a 12" high color rendering T5 lamp and parabolic reflector for close range or medium zone distances. Because it's a Kino Flo, the lamp operates coolly, unlike tungsten hot light sources, and only draws about .3 amps (120vac).


  • Alloy fixture and polished reflector
  • Built-in, dead quiet electronics
  • Flicker-free ballast
  • 180° adjustable mount
  • Removable Louver
  • True Match tungsten and daylight lamps