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CFX-2404 - 2' 4 Bank Fixture

Product Code: CFX-2404
Manufacturer: Kino Flo

Price: $276.25


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2' 4 Bank Fixture Select System has won awards as well as the hearts of lighting artists from around the world. More 4Banks are used in film, photo and video production than any other fluorescent luminaire.


  • Delivers sof, cool, flicker-free light
  • Needs only a little power
  • Display colours ranging from full-spectrum True Match lamps to red, pink, blue, gold, green and UV blacklight
  • Lightweight and cool in operation
  • Hand-held and can be attached directly to a set wall or stand mounted
  • Instant-on and dead quiet
  • Removable center mount
  • High output and flicker-free ballast