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SmartFade 1248 DMX Console

Product Code: 7219A1001
Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

Price: $1,850.00


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SmartFade DMX Console is perfect for any venue from a small touring show to an auditorium control console to a stage managers remote console. It offers a great feature range including hands-on manual control, memory driven operation and an impressive array of features for systems work. It is easy to use, powerful to play with including a rich special feature set when you need it.


  • Preset or memory style operation
  • 48 24-step sequences
  • 199-step Stack sequence
  • Manual or timed fades
  • "Magic" button for random output
  • "Snapshot" temporary memory storage
  • Master Fader and Blackout button
  • Bumps master fader and solo
  • DMX out and DMX in
  • MIDI in and MIDI out
  • USB interface to PC for software upgrades
  • SD Card slot for show storage
  • English, French, German & Spanish LCD support