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“Theatre design is one of the most complex and challenging tasks faced by contemporary architects. It combines the need to create a technically perfect space with the necessity of allowing fantasy and dreams to unfold.”

-Theatre Builders by James Steele, Academy Press; 1 edition (September 12, 1996)

Reliable Theater Lighting and Rigging

Barbizon understands the unique needs of a theater facility. We know it’s not just a big space in a building. Theater lighting and rigging must be precise in order to create the right atmosphere. From the lighting console to the cyclorama, we have vast knowledge and resources through numerous manufacturers and our talented staff in product and expendables, system integrators, project managers and technicians.

Live performances require a reliable theater lighting and rigging system. You need to have confidence that stage lighting will work well for every performance. Trust our skilled team members to design dependable theater lighting for your space.

Rigging Experts

We can provide conventional and automated fixtures and accessories. We also are certified ETCP riggers that can install grand drapes, track, travelers, cycloramas as well as motorized and manual rigging systems. At Barbizon we don’t just sell equipment -- we understand it. We make sure you have the right product for the right application.

We design theater lighting and rigging systems for a wide variety of facilities. Our portfolio demonstrates a keen ability to focus our expertise on a specific application. We handle a wide variety of professional theater lighting and rigging installations. Examples of our work are spread across the country in performing arts centers, theatres and museums. This extensive experience prepares us for a number of complex and intricate situations that occur in theater lighting or rigging.

Custom Theater Lighting and Rigging

Barbizon experts are flexible. They use a creative approach for every individual theater lighting and rigging application. Every theater is a unique space that deserves a custom lighting and rigging system. To ensure that your project meets all of your specifications, our team partners with yours to design and oversee the project. We'll ensure that every custom solution is executed with unmatched attention to detail.

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Georgia Theare - Athens, GA


Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

After a horrific electrical fire that left the Georgia Theatre completely destroyed from wall to wall, Barbizon was called to bring a new life back to one of Athens’ most popular music venues that helped to launch bands like the B52’s and R.E.M.. 

Starting new from nothing but the four existing walls of the venue, Barbizon brought their expertise in design and management to breathe new life into a historical place of performance.  Reviving the feel of the old venue  along with upgrading the performance of the venue’s architectural dimming, lighting, rigging, and soft goods systems made for an interesting project.

“We threw a lot onto Barbizon’s plate during the rebuild,” says Wilmot Greene, the Georgia Theatre’s owner.  “We wanted to preserve the dramatic look and feel of the old Georgia Theatre and this meant making some strange decisions regarding architectural lighting and drapery.  The team from Barbizon delivered everything we needed to accomplish that classic look with a modern, reliable, and affordable install.”

The Barbizon team consulted on the project and provided systems integration and layout, along with management and coordination of the other trades working to complete the project.  Working with an electrical contractor that was new to theatrical systems, Barbizon applied its expertise in mastering theatrical and architectural systems and helped the electrical contractor excel during the install.

The resulting package for the Georgia Theatre consisted of an ETC SR48 dimming system with Smartlink Architectural, as well as an assortment of lighting fixtures from ACL PAR bars, Source 4 ellipsoidals and PARs, and a data distribution package.  Barbizon’s rigging expertise was also applied, bringing new rigging for lighting positions in the house and overstage, complete with a Poly Velour curtain package.

Barbizon proves once again that no matter the degree of destruction in a venue, providing an older facility with a new life and revitalized system integration is all in a day’s work.