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Television and Film

"It is an exciting time to design lighting for television: cameras and lights keep getting amazingly better, so our work looks better. And there are more channels that need programs, so we have more opportunities for work.

- Lighting Designer and Director of Photography, John Gates

Television and Film Lighting and Rigging

Throughout our history, Barbizon Lighting has been at the forefront of television and film technology. In our early days we were instrumental in introducing tungsten-halogen lamps to the entertainment industry. Today, we are helping our customers stay on the leading edge by offering efficient lighting solutions that feature the latest in LED lighting fixtures. To compliment these power efficient lighting heads, we are helping our clients implement “dimmer-less” studios designed around distributed data and power relay systems.

New Light Initiative

In order to stay at the forefront, Barbizon has developed the New Light Initiative, a group of employees committed to providing the most cost effective and environmentally friendly studio solutions that meet the latest LEED requirements and building recommendations. The New Light Initiative team’s goal is to implement sustainable practices into every Barbizon operation. As we initiate the latest environmentally friendly solutions in our practices, we also educate the theater and film industry. Barbizon actively promotes energy efficient solutions that meet your lighting system requirements. 

Lighting, Rigging and Expendable Items

As always, Barbizon continues to offer more traditional lighting, rigging and expendable items for the TV and film world. We also offer products such as curtains, track, rigging hardware, chroma-key effects, and hard or soft cycloramas from manufacturers across the industry. Whether you’re looking for replacement lamps, diffusion, or for the latest in energy efficient LED lighting, Barbizon is the best source to meet your needs in the Video, Broadcast and Film industry.

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CNN - Washington, DC



 Something special happened in 2012. Well, it happens every four years in the United States, but the 2012 Presidential Election promised to have more eyes on it than ever, with record campaign dollars spent and a hotly contested race for the Oval Office. The Fall of 2012 was a frantic time in Washington, D.C., and nowhere more so than at Barbizon Capitol, where the Systems Division and the Products & Expendables team worked together to complete a major upgrade of the CNN Presidential Election Headquarters into the largest studio in the D.C. Metro area. And of course, everything had to be online and ready to go for Election Day, when all eyes were on CNN’s Washington Bureau.


Custom was the keyword in this studio installation, with custom-painted Source 4 ellipsoidals by Electronic Theatre Controls and fresh off the assembly line ETC Sensor Thru-Power Modules that weren’t even available to the general public yet! ETC and Barbizon worked closely together to get the newest gear possible by the hard deadline so that the new studio could go live for the big night.

It went live in full color, thanks to the huge complement of LED fixtures. In addition to the 30 ETC Source Fours and the 60+ Black Arri Studio fresnels, Barbizon supplied over 100 LED fixtures for the studio. Eight Chauvet Colorado Batten 72s provided deep saturated color, while 24 Philips Color Kinetics iW Blast TRs helped light the set and talent and 90 Color Kinetics eW Cove strip lights illuminated the scenery. City Theatrical provided the wireless DMX solutions to communicate with the varied devices throughout the set.

Powering all the different loads meant pushing the limits of the new ETC Sensor 3 dimmer racks, with traditional dimmers, relay modules and new Thru-Power modules.  Barbizon furnished 6 Sensor racks for the project, and upgraded 4 existing racks to the new CEM3 technology.  Due to the “always-on” nature of CNN, Barbizon installed battery backups for all the processors to keep the studio running no matter what happens outside.

In the end, no matter how you voted on Election Day, CNN and Barbizon made sure that you could see the results in brilliant, living color. For more information about this installation, contact Barbizon Capitol at 703-750-3900.