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Museums / Themed Environment

“We had our first little starter-museum over in Arlington, where Barbizon provided all of our studio lighting. It was natural when we came here, [Newseum] to bring Barbizon along with us. This was a huge project with a lot of different elements that Barbizon stepped up to and took ownership.” 

-Jim Updike, Vice President of Technology for the Freedom Forum and for the Newseum

International Spy Museum | Barbizon Lighting CompanyMuseum and Themed Environment Lighting and Rigging

Museums have diversified lighting and rigging needs. No longer are they just static lighting environments, but areas that engage the viewing audience by adding visual control through light. Museums include interactive, dynamic spaces that draw the visitor in. Museum lighting and rigging design plays a role in creating the desired atmosphere for the museum space. 

Barbizon has provided lighting, rigging and supplies to numerous museums such as the Spy Museum, National Infantry Museum and the Newseum. In every project there were major considerations given to Dimming Equipment, Circuiting & Power Distribution, Control Consoles & Custom Panels, as well as a custom rig for a massive 22,000 pound Barco Screen. 

Energy Efficient Lighting

At Barbizon Lighting, we understand the need for Energy Efficient Lighting and Show Control Integration. Our New Light Initiative team researches new energy efficient products and solutions for our customers. The team focuses on improving energy efficiency in museum lighting design. Learn about sustainable lighting practices and efficient museum lighting fixtures from our educated team. These sustainable practices save on energy costs and make your museum more efficient. 

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Temora Aviation Museum - Tamora, Australia


The Temora Aviation Museum in Temora New South Wales is built on the site of the biggest and longest lasting RAAF Elementary Flying Training School during World War II. 10 EFTS was established in May 1941 and training ceased in May 1945. A total of 2741 pilots were trained on Tiger Moths at Temora.

The entrance building, of the Museum, is the original 10 EFTS Guardhouse, relocated from the airport main gate. It has been refurbished and now houses the Museum entrance and giftshop. The walls are still clad in the original corrugated iron, the windows are those fitted in 1941 and the floor is also the original material. The asbestos roof has been replaced and 60 years of internal modifications removed. A second building has been constructed in the style of the Barracks buildings in which trainees and instructors lived. It houses a 38 seat theatre and a range of exhibits.

Barbizon Australia was contracted to 100% relight of 2500 sq meter display hanger. Equipment used included:

  • Selecon PL1
  • Selecon Accent Display Spot
  • Selecon Wing LED Wall Wash
  • BBS Force V LED Backend for ETC 70deg lens

The system is controlled by a Strand Palette and Strand Visionnet button stations that output DMX to the fixtures and control a 24 channel relay cabinet all housed in IP66 rated equipment rack. Barbizon was also asked to rehouse all existing AV and Audio equipment into new high IP rating equipment enclosures due to the hostile working environment of a aircraft hanger, the site is also prone to dust storms.

Barbizon also provided complete replacement of the lighting in the gallery spaces and gift shop using Selecon Wing LED Wall Wash + Philips MR16 10w LEDs.

The client was also very pleased that once the gift shop lighting was updated their sales figures show 50% increase since gift shop relight, just proving that quality lighting can help in retail situations.