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CCTV - Moscow, Russia


CCTV - Moscow, Russia

CCTV, (China Central Television) was opening a new broadcast facility in Moscow, Russia. The main concern for this project was its tight schedule. Already the end of August, CCTV wanted to be on air by the end of October, meaning all the components for the Nick Hutak lighting design and the BDI set needed to be on site and installed by mid October.

Barbizon was contracted by BDI to supply the power and data distribution, production studio lighting and the in set LED lighting.

Barbizon was able to coordinate the daunting task of shipping such a volume of material to Moscow in a short period of time. Barbizon worked with one of our local Moscow customers to supply local labor and material to install, hang and focus all the necessary components of the lighting system.

The studio equipment included a full 44 space equipment rack with network and data patching and distribution equipment, 160+ Color Kinetics iColor Cove fixtures and cabling, 14 Arri 300 fresnels with barn doors, 50+ Lite Panel 1x1 fixtures and hardware, DMX input and output stations from ETC, Pathway opto-splitters, as well as a large assortment of cables, adapters, lamps, gel, tools, and other studio equipment.

Prior to shipment the CK equipment was addressed and the equipment racks were pre-wired and configured and tested before shipment to the jobsite allowing for expedited installation.

Barbizon took just under 8 weeks from receipt of contract to process, release, test, pack, ship (From US to Germany and then Germany to Moscow), clear customs, install, test, hang and focus and bring on line a full working studio dimming and control system.  It was the teamwork of the entire staff at Barbizon NY along with trusting domestic and international partners that led to the success of this project.

For more information on this project or if you have international projects you would like to discuss call Barbizon New York at 212-586-1620.