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Houses of Worship

“Immersive exhibits that depict the specifics of Billy Graham’s ministry and life use programmable, colored theatrical lighting to complete the scene and to focus the guest’s attention.“  

-Jeffrey W. Burton, ITEC’s Executive Producer

House of Worship Lighting and Rigging

Barbizon provides and installs lighting, rigging systems and expendables used in Worship facilities. From the Billy Graham Library to Lake Wood Church to St. James Cathedral, we have supplied complete turnkey systems and maintenance service for entertainment products. Barbizon teams have worked with a wide range of churches and houses of worship to provide integrated church lighting and rigging systems.

Our team understands the requirements of church lighting and rigging design. Whether you’re planning new church construction or renovating an existing stage, we supply the equipment you need. We help you create a stunning and appropriate environment. Barbizon professionals will work closely with your organization to understand your unique church stage design. Working together, we’ll deliver the best system for your church or house of worship. 

The Barbizon team is here for your lighting and rigging system needs from start to finish. We supply on-site supervision for the entire project and assign customer service members well after the installation. Your church design is an important piece of your construction or remodel. That’s why we are committed to providing personal service during your project. Our project managers provide scheduling, documentation, communication and coordination and logistics for the entire job. This assures your facility complete care and service.

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Willow Creek - South Barrington, IL


Willow Creek - South Barrington, IL

Willow with Acoustic Dimensions Consultants contracted Barbizon to provide Entertainment Technology's distributed dimming system for the theatrical lighting system. It was chosen over other traditional SCR dimmer rack systems due to the long lengths needed from the dimmer cabinets to the lighting positions for the 7400 seat main auditorium. The distributed dimming power is fed to the grid and broken out to the dimmer strips. Control is via an Ethernet network. The church is utilizing dual networks, one for day-to-day control of the system, and the other for backup or alternate use. The lighting console supports multiple universes of DMX.